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New ‘Sound Off’ Yoga Is a Trippy Combo of Music and Silence

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It looks like silent yoga. It sounds like silent yoga. But it’s really all in your head. Sound Off Yoga, the latest attraction in the ever-growing landscape of frankenyoga, is actually an event involving music played by live DJs just like your average yoga party the kids have these days, but the tunes aren’t pumped through speakers, they’re sent wirelessly to your eardrums through personal headsets. You’ve maybe heard of silent raves or silent discos? It’s exactly like that, but instead of glow sticks, there are yoga mats.

“Ready for a new yoga experience?” the event page asks. Um, maybe? “Then join us for Sound Off Yoga in The Cube at South Street Seaport. Classes feature Vinyasa flow yoga with music curated by Sound Off DJs.”

Produced by the folks who’ve put on similar events like silent discos and silent ice skating, the silent yoga series will have its big launch this Saturday, February 7th, at NYC’s South Street Seaport and Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Pictures posted from a previous Sound Off Yoga event give us an idea of what to expect, and it does look kind of interesting. But if we’re practicing yoga with a bunch of people together, and audibly alone, then we’d probably prefer to choose our own soundtrack…or silence. What might be cooler is if the event was totally silent and everyone did their own practice. But that already exists and it’s called Mysore.

We know people dig music, but this is different from boogieing with your friends at a silent disco. Yoga is already a personal and individual practice, but maybe this could work?


We’re still a little unclear about how the instruction works, though. Does that get pumped through the headsets over the Beyonce?


The glowy blue lights are a nice iRobot touch, but those inversions don’t look too safe, yogaronis.

Also, it’s winter and freezing outside, so we’re assuming the classes, which are scheduled to happen about every other week, will be indoors, unless they want to be melting some ice blocks off of yogis’ toes.

The classes are $20, but there’s a 50% off coupon code floating around (SOFRIENDSNFAM). Participants are asked to arrive early and bring their own mats. Go here for more info and to sign up.

image via Sound Off Yoga facebook event page



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  • Hi there,

    I just came across your blog, and wanted to see if you might be interested in checking out our final class at the seaport this weekend so you can experience what we’re doing for yourself! The class will be from 6-7PM this Saturday. Let me know when you get a chance!




    The instructor does have a wireless mic like Beyonce =) this enables her to speak to the students, while they’re able to control the volume of all the sound in their headphones.

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