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Here’s the Story Behind Jeff Bridges’ Deep Ommmmmm During the Super Bowl

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In between car commercials and the sport-like ritual of ball tossing and tackling, the deep rumble of Jeff Bridges bellowing out an “Ommmmmm” caught us completely off guard. You, too? Is that really Mr. Bridges soothing and Om-ing someone to sleep bedside whilst stirring a singing bowl? We wondered. Why, yes, yes it is! But…?

If you didn’t hear it, he also put it on Twitter.


Perhaps you were also pondering WTF, so here’s the story. The spot was part of an intriguing and fairly odd ad campaign by Squarespace, a website builder platform. Jeff Bridges, perhaps best known for his Dudeness (see: The Big Lebowski) and lesser known for being a pretty wonderful country Americana singer (see: Crazy Heart and if you haven’t heard Jeff Bridges and the Abiders, we invite you to check them out) put out his “Sleeping Tapes” to help people sleep, apparently. The Super Bowl spot was just a hint.

His website, DreamingWithJeff.com (made on Squarespace, of course), explains:

“The world is filled with too many restless people in need of rest – that’s why I filled my sleeping tapes with intriguing sounds, noises and other things to help you get a good night’s rest. – Jeff”

Amen, Jeff.

You may also sleep better knowing the ‘pay what you like’ structure for purchases of the album will send donations directly to No Kid Hungry. The “Sleeping Tapes” website includes some really interesting imagery, and the tracks, well, we’re not sure they’ll help you fall asleep but, honestly, they’re kind of fun and weird in a spacey, alternate universe kind of way. And, hey, we’re all about supporting causes that help fight hunger.

Besides, that Jeff Bridges Om-ing is pretty darn special.

Here’s that Super Bowl ad spot again in case you missed it or want to put it on repeat for your meditation today. For more info about the album head to DreamingWithJeff.com.



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