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Pitcher Traded to Red Sox Interrupts His Yoga Class With the News

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Robbie Ross – pitcher, yogi, potentially great ice skater.

From Texas Rangers to Boston Red Sox, Robbie Ross the 25-year-old left-handed pitcher got the news he was traded to another team right in the middle of yoga class. Did you catch that? (pun intended) Two things: Firstly, Robbie Ross is a young pitcher who enjoys the benefits of yoga which is super cool. Secondly, he broken a golden rule and had his mobile phone chilling with him on the mat in yoga class! gasp. The nerve.

“I completely missed it actually,” said Ross referring to the yoga class he completely ditched out on when he got the phone call from Rangers general manager Jon Daniels. “My wife was in there also. We know the girl really well who teaches the class so it was like, I ran out, went back in and waved at (my wife) like, ‘You might want to come over here real quick,’ just to tell her.”

Mhm. So you interrupted your wife’s practice, too, eh?

“We were both excited and at the same time, just like, ‘Wow, what do we do?’ She was in her yoga mood, relaxed and doing what she had to do, so it was perfect.”

Bless that woman’s heart and “yoga moods.” It’s true. What the yoga gods giveth, the yoga etiquette police taketh away. Still, we suppose we’ll let Robbie slide on this one (pun, again, very much intended).

Congrats, guy. We hear Fenway has a pretty good yoga scene. Looks like you’ve got the Warrior on the Mound pose just about down.


image credit: www.rainingelements.com; AP Photo/LM Otero




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  • I was trying to think of a clever pun to add to yours but I think I struck out…or did I???

    • YD

      Haha…thank you Maria, for playing the game, and hitting a home run.

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