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Lady Gaga Does Yoga In Her Underwear (Again) But Her Message is Surprisingly Disappointing

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When Lady Gaga gets practically naked, the world takes notice. WE take notice when it has something to do with yoga (of which she is a long-time fan and practitioner). Lady Gaga’s love for yoga is well-documented, as is her liberal use of interesting clothing, or lack thereof, when getting on the mat. But her latest photos posted to instagram set off some alarm bells when it comes to body image, body shaming and yoga as a weight loss/workout system to beat those less-than-healthy food choices we all tend to make and maybe feel guilty about.

Before I go any further, here are the posts. (By the way, these are possibly NSFW — as in, there will be bras and bare butt cheeks. And you know what? Good for you girlfriend for being all ‘here I am mofos!’ Still I take issue, Mama Monster.)

Exhibit A:
Caption: “Time to tell last nights pizza whose boss.” Hm, ok.

Time to tell last nights pizza whose boss. Yoga with @triciadonegan #findthepinkdrop

Фото опубликовано @ladygaga

Exhibit B:
Caption: “Lower Eastside Yoga. The only sandwich I’ll be eating today is this one.” Yikes.

  • paul

    i don’t eat sandwiches every day so apperantly we’re twins, but, “whose”? tisk tisk. maybe too much pizza. maybe characters ran out and she meant, “…whose boss is our boss, in order that we can come to a better understanding of the world together.”

  • This endless discussion of body image seems to have missed the point of Yoga, which transcends consciousness of the body so that we learn that we are more than our body and more than the pizza we ate last night and a cute or otherwise butt…

    • Daphne

      Hey Louise, agreed. I think that’s what the point of this post is about and I agree with the author. The way I see it, Lady Gaga is doing her thing, but the words she used can trigger eating disorder issues (which I believe she’s even mentioned she’s dealt with in the past), so it’s disappointing that the “positiveness” of the yoga practice and body image stuff gets a little muddled with the shame over what you ate and now have to work off. While diet is obviously important (we are what we eat!) it’s just a little bit of a bummer that someone who has millions of followers is demonstrating yoga as a repercussion to food choices, rather than just something healthy we do for our body and minds. For her own peace of mind, I hope she can overcome that…I dunno just my thoughts.

  • Just to say hollypenny gets it. Love Gaga and feel for her. Lots of tough paradoxes. Sometimes yoga is a workout, perhaps. And who’d want the responsibility for being a ‘role model’? Damn. Still and all, really disappointing, especially since she had some lucidity going on regarding these issues. Anyway, great analysis, worthy of the Dork. Thanks.

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