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Here’s Gandhi Taking a Modern Yoga Class and Totally Losing His Cool (VIDEO)

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And then there was that time College Humor made a video about “Gandhi” doing yoga, not decades ago, but NOW, as in a modern day yoga class. And man, OH, man, is it one zinger after another aimed directly at western yoga culture not having one single Krishna-loving clue.

There’s Coldplay, juice fasting, certified (certified) yoga instructors, yoga fashion suggestions, and general nebulous yoga speak of flowing chakras down into the heart center.

“Oh, you’re fasting! What for, to protest imperialism?”

“Beach season.”

You get the picture. It makes us laugh and makes us uncomfortable – what all good humor has the ability to do. Gandhi is an interesting choice, but here you go. Cue the giggles, eye rolling and feelings of awkwardness.



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  • S.

    “Updog(not urdvha mukha svanasana)…don’t worry, you’ll learn the terminology.” Corepower yoga at it’s finest. They don’t even teach the Sanskrit names in their teacher training. Yoga really has been hijacked in the West.

  • Wondering


  • One of the best, the most sardonic ever… so many laughs in there, so perfect… couldn’t stop laughing for quite a while…. WELL DONE!!!

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