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The Incredible Scientific Power of Meditation (VIDEO)

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This is just about the coolest, yogadorkiest meditation video we’ve had the pleasure of discovering on the interwebs. Sure, meditation helps us relax, focus, and feel good, but did you know about all the fascinating science stuff? In just 3 minutes there are more juicy science-y tidbits in this cute video than you could possibly remember to tell your friends next time they ask you about meditation…but you should try! Meditation is powerful. THIS is BRAIN FOOD.

Some fun and awesome highlights:



Meditaters have higher levels of Alpha waves which have been shown to reduce feelings of negative mood, tension, sadness, and anger.



Meditation physically changes your brain’s shape and size. After 8 weeks of a meditation program, studies have shown that gray matter was more dense in areas associated with learning, memory processing, and emotion regulation. Meanwhile, the amygdala (associated with stress, blood pressure, and fear) gray matter had actually decreased.



In a study where both meditators and non-meditaters were given the flu virus, meditaters were able to produce a greater number of antibodies and showed increased immune function.



Your chromosomes have protective proteins called Telomeres which help reduce damage to your DNA and keep your cells alive and healthy. Shortened telomeres have been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. But meditation and lowered stress have been shown to actually help lengthen telomeres by increasing the enzyme telomerase which helps prevent telomere shortening.  Yay!

In short, meditation is like a workout for your brain, no gym membership required.

Watch the full animated video below, and if you can’t remember all the fun facts to tell your friends, at least you can forward the link!

Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. View scientific references here.

[Via Prana]



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  • paul

    pretty cool, but, “relax and say, ‘umm'”?

  • bookmarked!!, I really like yolur site!

  • krazy4katz

    Thank you for the article. I have one question: how long should one meditate in one sitting to obtain the benefits observed in 8 weeks. There must have been a specific time in these scientific studies. Thank you. k4k

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