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YD Deal: Take 15% Off ‘Dorkasana’ Tees + YD Mat Slings

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This may (not) come as a surprise, but around these parts we wear little more than yoga pants and comfy, cozy, cute shirts whenever possible. (We know, you’re not surprised.) Lucky for us, our latest ‘Dorkasana’ shirts designed by the fabulous Emily Laflin totally fit the bill. We debuted this adorkable design at the end of last year as our first limited edition YD tee of 2015. If you didn’t already snag one, we invite you to not miss out on this chance to take 15% off your purchase – this design will be retiring soon. TIP: These also make the perfect yogadorky gift!

And we may not always carry our mats around town, but when we do, we use this super handy, lovely, simple, no fuss yoga mat carrying sling. And, no, it’s not just because we have our name on it! Though, we have to admit that does bring us a little flutter of delight (because we have our own handmade YD mat straps…!!) Created sustainably in NYC, our YD mat slings come in two color options: 100% unbleached woven cotton and woven cotton with a shimmery teal overlay adding just a touch of subtle sparkle. Forget your yoga strap? These pretties can easily double as a yoga prop in a snap and are great for travel.

Head over to the YD Shop and be sure to use code ‘YD2015‘ to receive 15% off your purchase. (Offer expires January 31st.) Every single purchase helps sustain our site and contribute to wonderful yoga organizations.

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