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Scenes from Vancouver Canucks Yoga On Ice (PHOTOS)

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You’re not hallucinating, people have willingly chosen to do yoga on a thick sheet of freezing cold ice. It may have had something to do with the presence of strapping Vancouver Canuck Shawn Matthias, along with fellow handsome teammates Alex Burrows, Bo Horvat, and Zack Kassian, yogaing, getting twisted, and breathing hot air steam clouds from their manly mouths. Oh, and also because it’s for a good cause! Of course, that’s it.

The Yoga on Ice event went off without a hitch or hypothermia this past Sunday at Rogers Arena, the home of the Canucks. (If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re referring to a hockey team. Sorry, we have to be sure our non-NHL-loving readers realize this isn’t a figure skating affair, sadly.)

The cost was $40 and participants were asked to dress in layers as “just a thin sheet of flooring” was set up between them and the ice below. But, hey, what’s a few toes frozen off when you know it’s for the children? All proceeds from the event went to the Canucks For Kids fund.

Those Vancouverans (Vancouverites?) and their freezing ice yoga. What’s next, Yoga Ice Fishing? Canada’s answer to the stand up paddleboard yoga craze.

Anywho, it’s great to see hockey players being peaceful practicing yoga. Breathing and agility are two essential ingredients for improved skills and good sportsmanship. Ahem.

Here are some pics and highlights from the brrrreathtaking event.

Here’s Zack Kassian steadying a tree pose on his right wing.


 Bo Horvat and Alex Burrows mid-ice salute.


Shawn Matthias warms himself up wearing a cap and socks which, in this case, is perfectly acceptable.


A little mood lighting, because why not.


There was the requisite DJ, of course.


Yoga Cool Canucks with yoga teacher Alex Mazerolle. Maybe they’ve left some of their peaceful energy on the ice. Oouuuuuummm. (Canadian Om)


All images via canucks.nhl.com.




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