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Yoga Wins As Top 20 Lasting Fitness Trend (CrossFit is Out)

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Sound the trumpets and ring the bells, yoga has won! Tell ’em what they’ve won, Johnny. As it turns out, in the superlatives of the grand yearbook of modern exercise, yoga is the least likely to become a fizzle away fad when it comes to fitness trends. As in, plenty of exercise methods come and go (see: Richard Simmons, Tae Bo), but yoga has shown some real staying power, and it’s still going strong, according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015.

“The yoga folks surprise me every year,” the survey’s author and fitness-trend expert, Walter Thompson, told NPR. Apparently, part of the reason yoga has stuck around through the years is because there are so many different styles and variations. “They reinvent themselves so it continues to be popular,” said Thompson. Hence, yoga’s new bragging rights as the winningest and longest lasting “trend” (which is funny and ironic since it’s actually been around for so stinking long to begin with.)


Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2015

What’s perhaps even more surprising is that Zumba, Pilates, and indoor cycling are NOT on the list. And neither is the seemingly insanely popular CrossFit. Why? Too many people are getting hurt.

“High-intensity interval training is the result of a lot of these infomercials,” says Thompson. “I think that in five years, we’re not going to be talking about [it].” Part of the reason, he suggests, is because there’s a high probability of injuring yourself when doing aggressive exercises.

High-intensity interval workouts like P90X are like driving a very fast car, he says. “You can go 90 miles per hour or you can go the speed limit, and the greater chance of having an accident is at 90 miles per hour.”

Slow and steady, yogsters. We give credit to The Cut‘s Maggie Lange for acknowledging yoga’s sticky winningness, adding that it’s “steady and stable, and prepared to stay forevermore.” And we have to agree that yoga indeed seems to be morphing and melding itself into everything from ballet to beer, which adds to its more mass appeal AND the gimmicky, trendy status, but we also happen to agree with The Cut commenter “cjbomb” as to one of the real reasons for yoga’s staying power:

“The Yoga Folks surprise me every year.” Mainly because we stick around to fix a lot of the injuries that are born out these other fitness trends year after year. Just a thought.

Touché, cjbomb. May we also venture to add that to many yoga is not just a physical exercise but a positive overall lifestyle of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing? And there’s actually a growing consciousness in the yoga world about how the physical practice affects our bodies and minds for the better? Maybe that’s why people stick with it and don’t just ditch it like a sweaty gym towel? PLUS anyone can do it at any age or ability. Just another thought.

So…what can we expect to be emerging trends if Zumba and CrossFit aren’t cool anymore? Wearable fitness gadgets and fitness for seniors. Yoga’s pretty much got those covered, too.

PS. Regular old exercise like walking, running and swimming don’t count as fitness trends or fads, but we’re pretty sure they’re still pretty popular.

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  • That’s obviously “good news”, but actually I long for the time when yoga will be less trendy…
    Today’s yoga image is being altered too much, imo, and I hope it won’t evolve as osteopathy did in the US (the two being very different of course, t’is just an example).
    As a mighty ancient tree, yoga needs to be pruned to remain healthy…

  • What a lovely post. It reminds me of the importance of Drishti, and it’s impact of our daily lives…

    “Where our eyes go, our body will follow. But there is also another eye. The eye of consciousness. Whatever inner film we are focused on in our mind, will be what our body and life manifests in the world. This is why it is so important to cultivate “Drishti, not only with the physical eyes, but the inner eye of consciousness as well. ”

  • S.

    Been trendy for 4,000 years. Where have you been?

  • Jashua

    CrossFit is number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,14,15,17, So I don’t really think CrossFit is out at all. People who get hurt at CrossFit is either because they are working out without coaching (by themselves) or push their bodies beyond their physical capabilities. As an athletic trainer and sports trainer, I have seen all kinds of people getting hurt by cycling, running, weightlifting, swimming, rock climbing and so on. CrossFit is not to blame. CrossFit is safer than most sports ex. Football or Rugby. But you don’t see people hating these sports. By looking at this list I can say P90x, Insanity, conventional weightlifting, zumba, swimming, cycling or even running, are all out of the list. Why? The list is a summary of the goals or the base of the training method, except for yoga, which is clearly named as ‘yoga’. But the training trends I mentioned before (P90x, Insanity, sprinting, sprint swimming, etc) are all number 2: H.I.I.T. including CrossFit. Based on that, none are out of the list. Just saying…

  • I’m glad to see body weight is still at the top. You can’t beat classic sustainability.

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