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Top YogaDork Posts of 2014

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Crikey chakrasana, what a year!

Before we officially say goodbye to 2014 and set it adrift in its watery savasana into the sunset, we wanted to take the time to reflect on what a wild and transformative year it’s been. While yoga’s popularity continues to grow, in populations young and old, in celebriyogis, school children and Super Bowl Champions, we also saw how its image was challenged, and how the efforts of yogis, practitioners and teachers, have effected positive change within the yoga space. There’s still a lot of work to do, but if we’ve learned anything from yoga it’s that foundation is one of the most important parts of our practice, and that from a sound and solid foundation we can weather and welcome any changes and fluxes that come our way.

From body image, to accessibility, to shocking news of sex scandals and deaths that could have easily shaken us from our foundation, 2014 wasn’t a year of solutions, but rather a year of questions and challenges, where instability was met with inquisition and introspection. It was a year of growing pains.

And yet, with all the important and serious stuff, 2014 wasn’t void of the silly, funny and ridiculous, either. (If it were, we would have packed it in a while ago!) We treasure the moments we can laugh at ourselves and love that you’ve come along for the ride with us through it all.

To celebrate the year that was, here’s just a snapshot of 2014 based on the top posts on YogaDork from the past 365 days. See you in 2015, it’s been real!

1. Awesome X-Ray Video Shows Beautiful View of Yoga From Within


This was/is a truly beautiful reminder of our wondrous humanness.

2. Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Spray-On Yoga Pants – The Answer to Everything! (VIDEO)


Remember the Lululemon see-through pantscapade? This was probably the best response possible – and it made us laugh. Well done, Jimmy.

3. Breaking: BKS Iyengar Has Died


We were heartbroken to learn of B.K.S. Iyengar’s death but celebrated his life and legend which will continue to live on.


4. Let’s Forget About ‘Hip-Openers’ (PART 1)


Questioning the ever-ubiquitous hip-openers, Jenni Rawlings tackles them head (of the femur) on, opening up a broader conversation on the relation between yoga asana and biomechanics.

Related: Let’s Forget About ‘Hip-Openers’ (PART 2)


5. Bikram Studio Owners And Teachers Respond To Rape Charges And The Community Divided


Though there hasn’t been much news on the Bikram front lately, the rape charges against him filed by several women are still very real and present.


6. There Was a Yoga Category! On Jeopardy! Can You Answer All of the Clues Correctly?


What is…OMG Alex Trebek just said Surya Namaskar?!

7. Justin Timberlake Does Yoga On a Boat


Yep. It’s Justin Timberlake saluting the sun on a boat.

8. Men In Yoga Pants Website Is All About Men In Yoga Pants (PHOTOS)


A comical response to the yoga pants phenomenon featuring unabashed men embracing their inner (and outer) stretchy pants.

9. Yoga Journal Has a Major Body Image Issue, and By Issue, I Mean Problem


Yoga Journal, in its efforts to reinvent itself experienced its own growing pains with an unfortunate article about fashion solutions for covering your curves. The backlash was enough to teach them a few things about body image (maybe).

10. What Happens When People Find Out You Teach Yoga


“Can you teach us yoga?” “Is this a yoga pose?” “What about this?”

Honorary 2014 post:

Seattle Seahawks Changing Future of Football with Yoga and Meditation

Russell WilsonCredit: Photograph by Peter Yang

This was originally published in August 2013, but after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl a lot more people started to pay attention.

Other favorites worthy of mention:


– Body-Positive Yoga: The Aging Yoga Body by Charlotte Bell

– This Life Is Important by J. Brown

– Yoga Benefits Your Heart Just as Much as Aerobic Exercise, Study Finds

– Introducing: The Yoga and Body Image Coalition

– UN Officially Declares June 21 International Yoga Day

YogaHaha funnies:


– Pets Interrupting Yoga is Adorable, Hilarious, and So, So True (VIDEO)

– Yoga On Instagram Vs Yoga In Real Life

– ‘Posers’ Is a Hilarious Reminder of What It’s Like to Be a Yoga Newbie

– Yoga Real Talk in Hilarious GIF Form

And that’s a wrap. What was the biggest story for you in 2014? 

image credit: stw9454 @ deviantart
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