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YogaDork Giveaway: Win a Set of Cutie Yoga Cookie Cutters from Yummi Yogi

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It’s our holiday giveaway series! For the next week we’ll be posting new giveaways for awesome and yogadorky goodies. Be sure to check back each day!


Time to put your meditation skills to work…in the kitchen! If you bake, craft or just enjoy super cute things you’re going to love these yoga asana cookie cutters from Yummi Yogi. Who says you can’t have your yoga and eat it, too? Mmm…yoga is delicious.

WIN: We’re giving away a set (of 5) adorable yoga cookie cutters plus a cute bag to store them in, courtesy of Yummi Yogi.

TO ENTER: Maybe you’re like us and you enjoy the smell of fresh-baked cookies fresh out of the oven. Call us weird, but we’re going smell-ivision with this one (smell-ternet?)…there can be a lot of different smells in yoga class that aren’t so sweet, ahem, but there are other certain smells that give us a variety of positive feels like comfort, focus or nostalgia. Tell us in the comments your favorite scent to smell while practicing yoga (or to help you be in the moment) and you’ll be entered to win these little cookie cutter critters.

Giveaway closes 11:59pm Tuesday, December 23rd. One winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

Update: Congrats to Theresa! Thanks to everyone for all your smellerific entries.

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  • Carmella


  • Chelsea

    Super Hit incense

  • Ariella

    My favorite scent to smell when practicing yoga is the scent of lavender incense burning in the other room. In makes me relax and helps to center me during my practice.

  • Laura

    a combo of Lavender & Balsam fir oils.

  • Dawn

    Orange & sandalwood

  • JennyS

    A rainy day 🙂

  • Taylor

    Smudging sage!

  • audrey bliss

    nag champa!

  • Christy

    Hint of eucalyptus tree near open window.

  • Holly Alayamini

    I love the smell of China gel dura savanasa…ommmmey goodness!

  • Holly Alayamini

    I love the smell of China gel during savanasa…ommmmey goodness!

  • Lindsay

    Fresh cut grass, fresh air. Get connected with nature!

  • Bee Grandison

    The smell of sage or sweetgrass is very grounding for me!!!!!!

  • elissa


  • Melissa Gall

    Nag Champa 🙂

  • John


  • Frankincense

  • Phuong


  • Heather Galaxy

    Anything but the person next to me.

  • Cynthia

    Frankincense, hot yoga by the wood stove…sounds and smells and lovely heat

  • Mary

    My first yoga instructor used to give these amazing foot rubs with lotion that smelled like an orange creamsicle!

  • Adrea

    clean air!

  • Lesley Cassandras


  • katie hanson

    I dab a bit of peppermint essential oil on my wrists, neck, and ankles before I practice. it really helps to give me something to focus on when my mind wants to wander on those stressful days!

  • Kelly


  • cardamon and cinnamon mix

  • I love the scent of Lavender.

  • Pam Bird

    This time of year, Frankincense is my favorite aroma.

  • Kathy

    Sandalwood incense during yoga class are magical to me. It’s like they suck all of the tension from my body.

  • Natalie


  • Tess Moore

    Juniper Laurel Mint….

  • I bought the warrior 2 cookie cutter and made gingerbread cookies, decorated with the chakras! My students loved them!
    I love the scent of whatever aromatherapy oil we are using for that class!

  • Ken

    I can’t say I have a favorite smell while doing yoga but what I don’t like to smell is anyone’s flatulence.

  • Amy V.


  • My favorite home-made oil blend is
    Bergamot, Grapefruit & Eucalyptus. A student once told me it reminded him of fruity pebbles! I love to practice with a bit on my wrists.

  • Bonnie

    I love the smell of whatever candles I’m burning during my yoga.

  • Vanilla

  • Andrea


  • palo santo!

  • Sari

    in shavasana, lavender.

  • Many people hate it but I love the natural rubber smell of my Manduka Eco mat. It’s a little strange but I keep it rolled up next to my sofa when not in use for that very reason.

  • Kimberly Smith

    Smudging – CO Sage

  • Eileen Harris


  • Dora Sandic

    Lemongrass, mmmm.

  • Mindy

    Citrus Bliss from doTERRA.

  • Lea

    Lemon oil during shavasana.

  • Kara Curl

    Essential oils: 1 drop eucalyptus, one drop peppermint, one drop lavender.

  • Valerie G

    I love orange and my husband loves cinnamon, so the perfect blend of citrus and spice 😉

  • Rachel

    Lavender and peppermint 🙂

  • Krysta

    I have been obsessed with the smell of Frankincense & Myrrh. I have an essential oil spray with this mix that I always put on my wrists, and it immediately relaxes me. If I put it on even when not doing yoga, I still get the same positive reaction.

  • Cath

    Just a touch of tea tree oil!

  • Katie


  • Jodi

    Frankincense 🙂

  • Jeff Eaves

    Lavender oil or the smell of sea air.

  • Eucalyptus! So comforting.

  • VH


  • Kelly Myers

    Eucalyptus or grapefruit!

  • Joanne

    Mint. I rub some mint essential oil on my wrists before doing asana practice.

  • Depends on the day. I diffuse essential oils into the room, depending on the day, theme of the class, and mood. Often, it’s eucalyptus, but sometimes peppermint or a blend.

  • fresh mountain air!

  • Amanda

    A mix of Yuzu & verbena!

  • Amy

    Depends if I’m looking to energize, relax, or ground, but bergamot is a general favorite!

  • Catalina

    Peppermint for hot yoga class
    Lavender for Vinyasa

  • vanessa Satterlee

    My sweat – it tells me I’m working hard!

  • Keni-Lynn Mone

    Sage and SWEAT!

  • Jennifer

    Lavender <3

  • Brittany

    My favorite smell is… Partylite sun kissed cotton

  • Jan Smoak


  • Tala Neudigate

    my favorite is when the door of the studio is left open and clean, outside air fills the room. Bonus points if it’s raining outside!! 😉

  • trish

    Fresh air from the open window

  • Mary

    Peace and calming essential oil

  • Lavender! This ends on my birthday! 🙂

  • Lavender and Sandalwood mmmm takes me to my happy place:)

  • Michelle K


  • peppermint

  • Jena Marie DiPinto

    Nothing at all! A slight hint of nag champa in the air, maybe.

  • becca watson


  • I love Lavender oil while practicing yoga 🙂

  • Kathryn

    whatever smell my wonderful teacher is wearing when she comes over to lay a blanket over me for shavasana!

  • Stella

    fresh air.

  • It’s not very original but Lavender! It reminds me of my mother who is also passionate about serving others through wellness. It assists me in being able to stay calm in the midst of obstacles both in and out of class!

  • Robin

    I love soothing lavender!

  • Kathryn

    Just fresh,clean air! Or lavender.

  • Elaine Walcott


  • Dani


  • Terri West

    I love the smell of bergamot!

  • Elizabeth Starbuck


  • Bridgett

    Love fresh cut grass scent while practicing…and I loved the idea of decorating the cookies with the chakras! My 7 year old yogini would love that ❤️

  • niki

    Patchouli. Reminds me of my dad.

  • Laura Kirby

    Lavender EO is my #1 followed by sandalwood and patchouli. Lavender can bring me out of any bad place outside of my practice, and that’s because I associate the scent with the lovely ajna chakra massages my teachers give me during savasana.

  • Mary

    Arnica and rosemary

  • Linda

    Lavender 🙂

  • Phyllis Ida Concordia

    Spearmint and Coconut

  • Dawn Christensen

    I love smelling pine, especially this time of year. 🙂

  • Anadel

    I love the smell of lavender incense while in Savasanah. It makes me relax even more after my practice.

  • AngelA


  • Kelli


  • Tabitha Dell'Angelo

    Definitely cinnamon inscense

  • Meredith Watson


  • Shannon Lind


  • Casey

    Love the smell of dogwood oils/incense while practicing.

  • Annie

    lavender for sure

  • Nicole

    i love any sort of spicy patchouli type smells! And I love those cutters!!

  • Alex K

    Haha! These are amazing!!! My yoga studio had a blend of vanilla, lavender, and grapefruit when I started, but is long since gone. I have been trying to recreate it since!

  • Stacy


  • Lavender and Vanilla 🙂
    I would make some awesome ceramic art with these 🙂

  • Denise Wilcox


  • Rachel


  • Joi Straaten

    Nag Champa incense or Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend. 🙂

  • Korie Bukovelo

    My bestie bought me this awesome portable airomifier. I love putting a few drops of lavender oil in it before my home practice. Peppermint is good to though!

  • Davida L


  • Susan

    I love a drop of frankincense oil!

  • Heather Morrison


  • Monika

    I love the smell of rain during yoga (good thing too, since I live in Seattle.) Other than rain: lavender, sandalwood, and lemongrass. <3



  • Heather Cook

    My favorite scent is my yoga mat. To know where I came from, where I am, and where I am going.

  • Christina Waggoner

    My favorite scent to smell while doing yoga? The clean, fresh smell of juniper pines coming in through my window. Namaste!

  • octopus

    chocolate :))

  • the smell of freshness and cleanliness

  • Sara Beaudry

    Sweet Orange essential oil during Savasana

  • I love to diffuse frankincense essential oil. It can help balance and regulate. Observation. Awareness. Meditation. Cultures around the world have used frankincense in their ceremonies and rituals. Yoga is my ritual.

  • Milene


  • Andrea Isaacs

    I can’t say that I’ve got a favorite scent for yoga practice. Lavender reminds me of a favorite teacher. My Pumpkin spice diffuser reminds me, it’s time to bake, which is a bit of a distraction!

  • Serenity by DoTerra has to be one of the most heavenly fragrances I’ve experienced in yoga classes. Hints of Lavender, touches of amber, notes of eucalyptus, it’s literally a symphony for your nose. My students love it and so do I!!!!

  • Ann Van Regan

    The studio I attend is so beautifully cleaned that it is scentless but on a cold(-15C)Canadian day I can smell if snow is coming and then another scent when it is falling. Having a class with the snow falling outside the window is lovely.

  • Nicole

    A blend called Clarity by young living.

  • ecoAly

    fresh baked cookies…cotton candy lotion…essential oils…CITRUS!

  • Sally

    Nag Champa

  • Carol


  • Lavender always calms me and reminds me of my childhood.

  • Lisa

    Just a touch of lavender. Not too strong, just enough to relax.

  • AnneMarie

    sandalwood or nag champa!

  • Angela hodgins

    I love the smell of sage or citrus.. 🙂

  • Mary


  • Paulo Santo and Datura

  • Lindsay Jones

    I like lemon essential oil, it smells so fresh and it helps me calm down and focus. Happy Holidays!

  • Becky


  • Pamela

    The smell of the Arizona desert after the rain

  • Maureen

    Sometimes has a lavender scent going and I always like that.

  • Dogs! That’s right. I love the smell of my sweet, wonderful dogs. When I’m in Down Dog or any supine position, I can roll my head in one direction or the other and burry my nose into my sweet pups fur. They always smell good to me. If you are a stay-at-home yogi and you have pets, you know what I’m talking about!

  • Stephanie

    definitely the scent of Lavender

  • Jessica M

    Tangerine, lemon, thyme and patchouli

  • Martha

    When I practice in nature, I love the smell of damp earth, a running river, and green plants!

  • Anita

    I love the smells of fresh air off the river beside my yoga studio

  • dara


  • Heather Johnstone

    An ocean breeze. I love to practice on the beach 🙂

  • Jenna Van Der Volgen

    I love the smell of the essential oil blend that our teachers soak our cooling facecloths in. I also love the way our old building smells. It is over 100 years old, and smells of old wood and faded memories. :0)

  • Spearmint or any scent of mint 🙂

  • Kathryn

    While I have my own yoga mats, I prefer not to use them and instead to use one of the “community” mats. The reason I do this is simple, when I press my face against the mat while in bowing pose, I can smell others who have done the same. And in that moment, I am bowing to the infinite within us all…our beautiful fragile humanness that binds us. I smell the fragilities of humanity with my nose pressed against the mat and connect with them.

  • Frankincense & peppermint!

  • Alexis

    Lemon or lavender. Lemon to awaken me and turn my senses up. Lavender to relax and slow it down.

  • Andrea Robin

    I like city’s when I’m practicing. It envigorates me!

  • Andrea Robin

    I like citrus when I’m practicing. It envigorates me!

  • ellen santoro

    The smell of freshness after a rainstorm.

  • i generally practice in the mornings and teach throughout the day. I give my husband a big hug and kiss just as he leave for work freshly showered and cologned every so often as I flow through my vinyasa, I smell him on my skin or in my hair and it grounds me and makes me remember all of my blessings. He inspires me to keep practicing and teaching and supports all of my dreams in growing my small private yoga business. He, my children and my practice are the foundations of gratitude and peace in my life.

  • Kera Recce

    Lavender & eucalyptus!

  • Sandalwood

  • Sadia

    The smell of the ocean, orange, and lavendar.

  • Jennifer Coppertino


  • Estela Moreno

    I favor the smell of baby powder scent. It makes me feel nothing but happiness and tranquility

  • Clare Morschauser

    A refreshing mix of lemongrass, lime, and rose – energizing and sweet.

  • Missy

    The smell of lavender is always a peaceful yet energizing scent.

  • Shannon

    Sandalwood or Apple cinnamon. The latter makes me hungry though

  • Sandy

    China Gel 🙂

  • Monique

    Lavender-especially with an assist in Savasana

  • I use eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser 🙂 Pairing eucalyptus with my favourite tunes and yoga is like being in heaven. Eucalyptus has a very fresh smell and it makes deep breathing feel even more fantastic.

  • Lavender and tea tree oils.

  • Susan

    cinnamon stick in Apple cider

  • Karen Stone


  • Sali


  • Sali


  • Lavender! Mhmmm

  • Jenny C

    Barath Darshan incense from India…i It’s beautiful and helpful for cleansing the space and meditation. <3

  • Jenny C

    Barath Darshan incense from India… It’s beautiful and helpful for cleansing the space and meditation. <3

  • Anne


  • LRog

    Lavender, especially in Savasana.

  • Kym christopherson

    Ylang ylang

  • Allyson



    The smell of the sea breeze facing my yoga studio…priceless!

  • Jamie

    Lavender is always so relaxing.

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