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YD Deal: Take 15% Off Super Cozy Harem Pants from One Tribe Apparel

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We never thought we’d find something more comfortable than yoga pants, but these super cozy bamboo harem pants from One Tribe Apparel are seriously making us question our choices in stretchy pants. Hand-stitched and made from sustainable and crazy soft bamboo, these pants are not only extremely comfortable, they come in some really cool patterns and colors, too. The folks at One Tribe Apparel are committed to supporting the local community of Pai, a burgeoning artist twin in the mountains of northern Thailand. This is where One Tribe founders serendipitously met and hatched their brand of lightweight, breathable, and stylish harem pants. The intention is pure and the pants are in the pudding! Or something like that. In other words, we love them!

In 2015 OTA will be expanding with the core mission of working with and supporting local craftsmen from different cultures and bringing their clothes to the United States.

Shop now! Get 15% off when you use coupon code “YogaDork” at checkout at www.OneTribeApparel.com.

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