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Yoga Teacher Hopes to Unite ‘People and Police for Peace’ in Public Meditation Event

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A well-intentioned Hollywood yoga teacher aims to bring the community and law enforcement together in a public mindful meditation event. It’s all in response to the national unrest over police brutality and grand jury decisions not to indict cops in two different highly controversial cases. (If you don’t know by now that’s Mike Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in NY. Also, please leave your cave for fresh air every once in a while.)

In a noble effort to unite the people for “peaceful resolution,” 25-year-old yoga teacher Kelsey Cavanaugh organized “People & Police for Peace,” a free and open to the public meditation session scheduled for 6 p.m. on Jan. 7 at the Hollywood ArtsPark. All are invited, but the main focus is on members of the local law enforcement to show up and to show they’re open to working with the citizens they’re intended to serve and protect.

“We would rather work with them in peace than protest,” Cavanagh told the Sun-Sentinel. “We know that officers are people and have hearts. Police brutality is the hot-button issue right now. We would like to see cops in uniform sitting in peace and showing the public that this is a stepping stone to open up conversations about reform. We want to work with people on a heart level and create a forum for mindfulness and conversation.”

Local police have promised to spread the word, but they’re not super keen on being in uniform and meditating in public (surprise!), so they may just have to be there in spirit.

“They may be willing to participate in a movement for peace, but not necessarily in this venue,” said Lauderhill Police Chief Andrew Smalling. “But I do think it’s a noble venture,” he added.

Cavanaugh says it will not turn into a protest, so here’s hoping the cops don’t show up in uniform for any other reason.

Do you think this will catch on? Could this work anywhere else besides LA?


“The mission is to bring police officers and the citizens they serve and protect together, in a safe environment to aid in individual and collective transformation.”

“People & Police for Peace”
Wednesday, January 7th, 2015
Arts Park
1 Young Cir, Hollywood, Florida 33020

More info on the facebook event page.




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  • james learn

    I get this. Sounds awesome!!!! But please please please, can we quit with police brutality and say instead, mistakes were made on both sides?? Those Two men did not need to die. But neither would have if first and foremost no crimes were committed. There is fault and blame for both sides and healing and forgiveness won’t happen until this is realized…….?

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