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Comedian Chris Rock Stays Handsome with Hot Yoga and Vegetables

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Comedian Chris Rock is a busy guy. Between acting, screenwriting, directing his newly released film “Top Five,” how does this guy do it all? We can’t tell you, but we do know how he keeps his striking good looks thanks to fellow ac-TOR Zach Braff. According to an exchange between the two on Twitter, it’s all due to “hot yoga and vegetables” and, well, something else. You know, those Hollywood yogis always up to no good.


Previously, Chris Rock has been unconvinced by the whole “clearing your mind” thing being quoted as saying, “Why do people do yoga? It clears their minds. I embrace the clutter in my head. I like it. What funny guy’s got it all together?”

Of course with this recent development, we don’t know which part he’s joking about. Or maybe he just explained A LOT about the recent Yoga Pop scene.



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