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This is What a Yogi Looks Like

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We were proud to help introduce the launch of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, we’re proud to be supporters of accessibility and inclusivity in yoga, and we’re excited to share with you their new campaign: This Is What a Yogi Looks Like. In their efforts to promote yoga as welcome to all, the YBIC have launched an awareness-raising campaign and with it a new t-shirt to help raise funds to support their continued work.

Here’s more info about This Is What a Yogi Looks Like and the mission of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition via their website.

Yoga is for…

Every age.

Every race and ethnicity.

Every class and socioeconomic status.

Every gender identity and sexual orientation.

Every size, shape, height, weight and dis/ability.


This is what a yogi looks like.

“This is what a yogi looks like” is an effort to challenge stereotypes about who practices yoga, who should practice yoga, and what a “yoga body” looks like. Yoga is more than a “fitness trend.” Yoga is a multi-faceted practice available to all.

This is What a Yogi Looks Like is part of a fundraising effort to support the Yoga and Body Image Coalition in our mission to develop, promote and support yoga that is accessible, body positive and reflects the full range of human diversity.

We’re in the midst of the following:

  • rolling out blog and podcast interviews featuring the voices, perspectives and work of our partners, advisors and community allies in an effort to create conscious community and work collaboratively
  • planning a 2015 tour with workshops, panel discussions and other community events across the United States and Canada
  • developing an online symposium series as well as an online conference
  • organizing a LIVE CONFERENCE in the next 18 months

Help us make a difference. ** BUY YOUR SHIRT HERE**

Tees, tanks, hoodies and long-sleeved tees available.

In addition to publicly declaring, “this is what a yogi looks like,” by wearing our shirts, we decided to set an example of what yogis look like by being the media and shooting a “diversity in yoga” public service announcement featuring over 25 yogis ranging in age from 9 months to 90 years-old.

Please share this video and spread the message of diversity in yoga.  It might inspire someone to try yoga who may have felt like it wasn’t for them.

And we want to feature YOU! Grab a tee, take a photo of you from the waist or chest up declaring “this is what a yogi looks like” and use hashtags #whatayogilookslike and#yogabodyimage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and tag us @ybicoalition). We’ll add your photos to our online album and select 3 – 5 yogis to be featured in an ongoing “This is what a yogi looks like” series in Mantra Yoga and Health throughout 2015.

Still photos taken by Sarit Z. Rogers/Sarit Photography.

Video by: Nathan Funk.

No hair stylists. No make-up artist. No fancy lighting. No corporate sponsors. Just yogis like YOU.





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  • This is great, I will share.

  • Yes, a yogi looks like EVERYONE. It is an all inclusive practice. Thanks for sharing!

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