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Man Performs Amazing Yoga Stunts on a Speeding Motorcycle (VIDEO)

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High Octane Yoga: Indian Man Pulls Yoga Poses On Speeding Motorbike

Please do not try this at home. For most of us the safety and sanctity of our yoga mats planted firmly on the earth is plenty thrill enough. But some people just want to see what it feels like to attempt yoga poses balancing on a two-wheeled vehicle speeding down the road. One such fellow is 40-year-old Gugulotu Lachiram, a farmer by trade, but a death-defying, yoga-posing motorcycle daredevil by heart. And he’s not even on instagram (as far as we know.)

Being a dedicated yoga practitioner and a lover of motorbikes, Lachiram thought to try his go at combining the two. With his can-do attitude, the Khammam, India native decided to give yoga on motorcycles a shot after seeing others do it on TV. Because why not, right?

“I saw people performing dangerous stunts on national television,” Lachiram told Barcroft Media. “I thought if they can do it why can’t I, so I started practicing yoga on my bike,”

“I can do many yoga postures,” he added. “Some are performed by sitting, standing and lying down. I can stand on a bike on the tank, in the middle and in the end.”

Though some friends and family are fearful for his safety, as they should be, Lachiram is already a local hero and has plans to perform for the next 10-15 years with intentions to bring his show national. Maybe he’ll even beat the Guinness World Record for most yoga poses performed on a motorcycle? Last time we checked the bar was set at 23.

Image via Barcroft Media

[via NYPost]



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  • John

    This is going to pose a significant problem for the yoga commentariat. He’s Indian. That means they can’t simultaneously play the “not yoga” and “everything is better and more spiritual in India” cards. At a rough estimate that’s 70% of the comments we usually see on yogadork ruled out.

  • vq@

    I realize that type (and body type, too) does not have to “warm up” much before doing this routine on the open road. It is like any gymnast. If the platform–in this case, the motorcycle–is going at a constant speed; and the road is clear ahead (and not winding), it doesn’t take a Newtonian physicist to calculate the possible biomechanical drag on the moving vehicle with the changing, center-balanced shapes.

    But my guess is Gugulotu doesn’t know or care about any formulas.

    A great case against overthinking, whatever the venture …

  • Adam

    I’ve always wanted to try this British yoga practice known as “yogur”. I hear Obamur tried it once when he was in Chinur.

  • Big Om Daddy

    I am working on getting the copyright for “Extreme Yoga” where there is always a chance that you may die in Asana practice. I will use this man’s practice as a template. As John pointed out, he is Indian. Therefore EY will be based on “authentic” yoga.

  • This has been such a good thing for me.

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