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Not Into ‘Hippie’ Yoga? Try Black Metal Yoga and Align with the Dark Side

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Yoga and black metal music join forces in the underworld, aka Texas. Instead of flowers and lavender, students are met with candles and skulls and a yoga teacher wearing satanic robes. Black Yoga is the brainchild of dark forces guide Amy Patton who developed her black metal soundtracked classes to appeal to people who aren’t into the “hippie” yoga scene but who would still benefit from yoga and meditation. You know, the people not so excited about hearing Michael Franti for the 7,000th time.

“It’s not a religious thing,” Patton said. “Mostly the shock factor of it. The dark arts, which a lot of people who come to my class are into that sort of thing — horror movie buffs, things like that.”

“The people that come to my class are usually the people who would never walk into a yoga studio,” Patton said. “I have a lot of people in the tattoo community, in the service industry, in the roller derby hard-core scene. It’s still traditional yoga — body, mind [and] breath. I just changed the music.”

It may sound strange to some people, but some fans of black metal music will probably tell you there’s a meditative quality to it, just like any other genre.

As one commenter put it:

This class is the reason I finally pushed myself to go and try yoga. I’m also a huge fan of black meal, doom metal, and done music which is what shoved me to go to the class in the first place. This music, for me, has a way of taking me away, helping me relax, helping me to focus.

Not for everyone, obviously. Black metal yoga would be a hard sell for us, but it’s certainly an interesting approach. But how about no music at all? That would be the ultimate hardcore. Listening to your breath (and thoughts) is no joke.

You know this is opening the doors (of hell!) for a whole new genre of yoga-inspired black metal music.

Update: It’s come to our attention that Black Yoga, or Black Yo)))ga as it’s officially spelled (and trademarked) has been a thing in Pittsburgh for a little while now. Created by Kimee Massie Black Yoga is:

Vinyasa (flow) yoga set to drone, noise, stoner metal, ambient, industrial, trip-hop and other traditional meditation music. Incorporating basic poses in a relaxed environment, while focusing on safe body mechanics. Although this is a traditional yoga class in practice, you can definitely expect it to be darker than what you may typically associate with yoga. Creating unique soundtracks using music from an eclectic mix of bands, we create a meditative space for those who may not relate to the birds and the waterfalls… if you know what I mean.

Our goal is to spread the benefits of yoga to a nearly untouched demographic, people like us, the underground art and music communities. People with depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addition, insecurities, phobias, dark passengers, etc. People who, in all rights, may need it the most to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

[via Daily Texan]

photo credit Michael Baez, Daily Texan Staff



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  • John

    Another great business plan I could’ve been first with if only I’d realised there would be people out there crazy enough to buy into it.

    Oh well, disco yoga came first

  • Cait

    Glad to see the update about Black Yoga in Pittsburgh. That place is awesome.

  • david

    I am a metaller and yoga practitioneer and that is the biggest load of bollix I have heard in a long time.

    Slaps forehead…..


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