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YD EOWL: Yoga Teacher Salaries, Capitalist Gimmicks, ‘Yoga Break’ App For Serial Sitters

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image from Take a Yoga Break app

image from Take a Yoga Break app

YD EOWL – Our semi-regular end of the week links post sharing all the linkies we might have missed or didn’t post about, but are worth a mention. Check in every Friday for your weekly catch up. Sign up here for our weekly newsletter bringing you all the yogadorkiness straight to your inbox.

  • This cute article looks at the yoga teacher profession and answers the question, “I want to be a yoga instructor. How much will my salary be?” and answers it with pretty much what you might expect – enough for gas and a nice meal once a week, but the rewards shouldn’t necessarily be limited to monetary results. (Read: Maybe don’t quit your day job just yet).
  • You could win a trip to the set of Kevin Smith’s “Yoga Hosers.” There are a few hoops to jump through, like downloading an app, and it depends on your “social influence” online but maybe worth it if you’re a die hard fan and painfully curious. If you win, you have to promise to send us a full report!
  • This new yoga app, aptly titled Take a Yoga Break reminds users to get out of their chairs during the day and offers easy yoga poses to do right at their desk. Writer and yoga teacher, Suzan Colón, created the app for people who sit for long periods of time and forget to stand up and move when they get in the zone. Following the app, Colón is developing a home version which will remind you to step away from the Netflix series binging every once in a while, you couch potato, you. “I kind of want to save the world with yoga,” she says.
  • In which we are asked, is yoga now just a “capitalist gimmick”? Sigh. Probably. A documentary by Al Jazeera English Reporter Bhanu Bhatnagar
    entitled “Who Owns Yoga?” seeks to answer that very question. “The commercialisation of yoga is an unavoidable symptom of capitalism, which makes products and services available to the widest possible audience at the best price,” says Bhatnagar. “Capitalism has done more to spread yoga in the last few decades than anything else has done for centuries. And, as a result, it’s been dumbed down.” We are doomed.



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