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There Was a Yoga Category! On Jeopardy! Can You Answer All of the Clues Correctly?

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Yoga on Jeopardy! Friday night’s Jeopardy! episode had a special category just for us yogadorks. Did you catch it? Did you nerd out as much a we did? Our favorite long-running, Canadian-hosted game show challenged its contestants to meditate (quickly!) on their yoga knowledge and their thumb-to-buzzer reflexes with the “Strike a (Yoga) Pose” category. The yoga category was so intimidating that it was THE last one chosen, as in no one even tried the $200 clue until it was the only category left to tackle. And yet, the three contestants did quite well.

How would YOU have done? Let’s find out. We grabbed all of the clues so you can have a go yourself. Don’t forget, phrase your answer in the form of a question!

We’ll take Strike a (Yoga) Pose for $200, Alex!


The $400 question: it’s going down.


For $600, what is ultimately the best pose of the class?


Eeaaasssyyyy, right? Let’s take ‘Yoga’ for $800, Alex.


Finishing up the category…for $1000, let’s bring ‘er home.


Some could argue it’s also 9 poses, but then who’s going to argue with Alex Trebek, eh? Also, we would’ve ended with savasana, but you know, that’s just us.

How did you do?

Not the most difficult questions, especially on Jeopardy! terms. What is: That was too easy, Alex! Yoga is so popular these days, would any of these clues have stumped even the non-yogi-est of contestants? They’re so basic we’re betting you won’t need the answers, or questions, or whatever. We think you can go way harder next time, Jeopardy! writers!

Just for fun, try these out on your non-yoga-practicing friends and see how they do.

To nerd out entirely, watch the full episode below, thanks to the goddesses of YouTube. The yoga part starts in around the 8:10 mark.



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