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YD Giveaway: ‘Yoga for Breast Care: What Every Woman Needs to Know’ by Bobby Clennell

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we’d like to extend that this year to include Breast Care Awareness as well. Yoga for Breast Care is Bobby Clennell’s latest book, a wonderful and well-researched guide to overall breast health, and part of the Yoga Shorts series by Rodmell Press. Clennell is a Senior Iyengar teacher and a core faculty member of the Iyengar Institute of New York where she teaches a specialized breast care class. You may remember her name from her other great books, The Woman’s Yoga Book and Watch Me Do Yoga, her adorable illustrated children’s book.

In Yoga for Breast Care, Clennell not only covers breast cancer, she offers valuable information on breast care for pregnancy, PMS, nursing mothers, as well as for the general every day maintaining of immunity and energy through asana and pranayama.

Here’s more about the book via Amazon:

In Yoga for Breast Care, senior yoga teacher Bobby Clennell offers a comprehensive program of asana (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) designed to support breast health. Beginning with a description of breast development and structure and the lymphatic and hormonal systems, as well as breast conditions including pain, fibrocystic breasts, dense breasts, and more, Yoga for Breast Care then presents a variety of asana and pranayama divided into categories according to the position the body assumes: standing, sitting, twisting, inverting, bending forward or backward, and lying down. Also included are active and restorative sequences for immunity, energy, cyclic and noncyclic breast pain, cysts, and for pregnancy and nursing mothers. Practices for breast cancer survivors include sequences for those who have recently undergone breast-cancer surgery and are receiving intensive chemotherapy or radiation treatment and for those with decreased mobility and numbness in the arm, shoulder, and chest. Whether readers have experienced problems with their breasts or not, this book provides positive and practical methods for raising awareness and regaining confidence in the body.

WIN: We’re honored and delighted to be giving away 5 copies of Yoga for Breast Care: What Every Woman Needs to Know by Bobby Clennell, courtesy of Rodmell Press.

TO ENTER: Boobs, they’re everywhere. We all have different relationships with our breasts, and maybe even more so when it comes to yoga. We also probably all have different relationships to self-care in this fast-paced digital age of techno bleepity-bloopity. Because we can all take a little more time out for ourselves, share with us something that’s part of your self-care regimen. Nature gave us a pair, so go ahead and mention TWO things – ie. doing legs up the wall pose and getting a pedicure (maybe you’re super lucky and do both at the same time!)

Post your entry in the comments below, on facebook or on twitter (Be sure to tag #yogadork and #yogaforbreastcare on social media so we see it!)

Submissions accepted until 11:59pm Monday, October 27th. Winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!  

UPDATE: Congrats to the winners…Theresa, Rosa, Marcy, Gena, & Danna! Thank you all for entering and sharing your favorite way to practice self-care. Take a little extra time for yourself today!



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  • Daily meditation, every 5-6 weeks massage, pedicure every 4-6 weeks, quiet time reading, doing yoga.

  • Bonnie

    I get massages now approximately monthly, and I calming breath calming jaw throughout my day. Thank you!

  • morning yoga/exercise or tennis or a day off
    monthly facil

  • Stacey

    Besides being kind to myslef, taking time for meditation and asana every day, I also love to treat myself to abhyanga or oil massage before bedtime.

  • As a yoga teacher myself, sometimes it is hard to make sure I get my own practice in and address my body and my mind. I am “religious” about a menstrual and post-menstrual practice in order to keep my hormones happy. I have learned what happens if I don’t. I have also had the privilege of mentoring with my senior teacher Val Paape in our cancer class at our studio and teach one of those classes each week. Teaching this class has taught me a lot about how powerful restorative yoga and simple shoulder poses are to overall health for people with cancer and for us all. #yogadork #yogaforbreastcare

  • Chana

    Daily yoga in the early am before my 5 kids wake up, walks outside, journaling!

  • Juicing in the morning before work, a rejuvenating 20 minute stint of legs-up -the wall afterwork and a little foot massage before bed = a happy me

  • Robyn

    yoga, meditation, relaxing with a nice cup of tea

  • Kim

    Yoga and tea! 🙂

  • The two things that keep me going and are just for me…Yoga Nidra and acupuncture. I can’t imagine life without them

  • Carolyn

    Everyday I take a little time to pet my two cats and let some of their natural and awesome ability to relax transfer over to me. I also try to do some daily yoga and do long deep breathing when I catch myself feeling stressed.

  • I love doing yoga and meditation while I am doing my gardening. This way I can enjoy being in nature ,yoga and getting gardening in at the same time.

  • Danna Moore

    16 year survivor…;)

  • Danna Moore

    16 year survivor…;) can’t do the #thing…hope this still counts 😉

  • Theresa

    meditation and napping.

  • Anonymous
  • Barbara

    After my double mastectomy and chemo, I started literally from scratch to take care of myself. Learning how to eat right was a big step (the cauliflower didn’t kill me after all); stretching with yoga and meditation supported me through the worst of it all.

  • M. LaBelle

    Speaking of boobs — buying & wearing well-fitting bras

    and making time to listen to music

  • alyssa

    Daily meditation and weekly self exams.

  • alyssa

    Daily mediation, yoga and walking in nature.

  • Kate O'Leary

    Daily oil massage and once a day sitting down and silently having a cup of herbal tea 🙂

  • Yoga asana and Pranayama daily. Also cooking meals from scratch.
    #yogadork #yogaforbreastcare

  • I learned from Bobby herself to practice poses that open up and extend the breast, chest and armpit area. One of my favorites is setu bandha Sarvangasana – supported bridge pose practiced lying over two crossed bolsters. Another great pose is adho Mukha svanasana – downward facing dog with head supported on a block or a bolster. Kudos to Bobby for publishing another yoga book that will be crucial for women practitioners.

  • Wendolyn White

    Sitting in the steam room after water aerobics and a monthly massage.

  • Renée Royal

    regular deep backbend yoga poses plus regular self massage, sometimes with a herbal salve to support lymph drainage and overall breast health

  • AJ

    Foam rolling and quiet time

  • Massage, supported backbends, chanting, praying, visualizing, eating organic greens, and being in the ocean.❤️

  • Massage, supported backbends, chanting, praying, visualizing, eating organic greens, and being in the ocean.❤️ #yogadork #yogaforbreastcare

  • Krysta

    I love to mediate and listen to soothing music with candles, and of course, drink a hot cup of tea!

  • warm oil baths and sugar scrubs!

  • Joann

    In addition to daily yoga, abhyanga and Chinese foot reflexology

  • Katarina

    I practice Yoga Nidra every day and get a massage once or twice a month.

  • Gena Marshall

    Daily kindness and meditation. Legs up the wall or just moving my body in a way that feels good

  • Marcy Rinaldi

    25 year survivor this month 🙂
    My yoga practice and soaking in a hot tub with essential oil bath salts, music and candles!

  • Would love this book, useful to me right now!

  • I take daily mindful walks taking time to look around at the mountains and up at the sky and give thanks to and connect with our wonderful planet. As a yoga teacher caring for students i need to take time for me too, so i give myself reiki to improve my energy levels and to calm my mind.

  • i do many things for self care! a massage every other week, teaching 4 yoga classes a week, really brings me to my sweet spot and makes me happy! a cup of tea with a good friend, the social aspect of life gives me great pleasure, a country drive, especially now with the amazing fall colors, and lots of pranayama….as i drive to work, or at the slightest sign of getting agitated…
    ps…thanks for your blog!

  • Paola Orlando

    Running twice a week and Ashtanga Yoga twice a week. I practice Eka Pada Padangusthasana when shaving my legs.

  • Adrienne

    I relax by lying on the floor for a few minutes or having a long hot bath with lavender essential oil and Epsom salts.

  • Dixie Groutt

    Yoga and biking!

  • Everyday, I breathe deeply and I tuck all four of my kiddos in and kiss them goodnight. (You may understand better how challenging this can be when they are 11-14 yrs old!) #yogadork #yogaforbreastcare

  • Sarah

    I practice yoga everyday, listen to music, dance, sing, and laugh. I love practicing Supta Baddha Konasana every night before bed.

  • Gretchen

    eating well, drinking lots of water and tea, & walks in nature either alone for a more meditative experience or with friends for a social connection!

  • Katie Davidson


  • anna

    As a yoga teacher, i do yoga and meditation early in the morning before all.
    Can’t start the day without it!

  • Carol

    I’m a 13 year BC survivor and have been teaching yoga for cancer patients for the past nine years. Yoga helped me recover and become stronger after two cancers. I’d love to get a copy of Bobby Clennel’s book.

  • Christianne McCall

    Yoga and dark chocolate

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