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Latest Lululemon Boycott After Huge Marketing Fail in Buffalo

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Lululemonville has been relatively quiet lately, after surviving a whole mess of troubles over see-through pants, questionable marketing tactics and Chip Wilson-isms. But lest we forget how individual stores themselves seem to get into their own embarrassing jams, this Buffalo faux pas is here to remind us.

Employees at the Buffalo Lululemon store have been forced to defend their choice in displaying a quite large mosaic art piece with the words “Wide Right. No Goal” after customers and locals freaked out over the slogan. You see, those words represent two of the most infamous and painful moments in Buffalo sports history, related to losing football and hockey championships. To put it into perspective, Buffalo lost the Super Bowl because of an Ace Ventura-Ray Finkle level “wide right” kick with no time left on the clock. (“Laces out!”)

One could ask, can’t Buffalo take a joke? While another, and likely a local, would answer “are you f@*king kidding me?” As one did.

Lululemon responded in defense with something about city pride.

Well, they got the city loyalty and pride part right. People are not buying it.


 hashtag has even started trending.

We’re not sure where Lulus get their marketing guidance from but we have to assume it’s somewhere between the forgot to eat your Wheaties, the Urban Outfitters shock ’em and apologize later playbook, and complete and utter lack of good judgement.

As for this latest blunder, the USA Today permalink says it all: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/10/lululemon-buffalo-sadness

[Via WGRZ]



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  • Lucy

    Anyone who takes a game played by men in tights this seriously needs to grow up and get a real life. “Like the twist of a knife through my heart?” That person needs some real problems to put her drama queen routine in perspective.

  • Laura

    It’s true! People can bond around a negative. Like, remember how we used to disagree about whether we liked Lululemon, but then something bad happened and put us all on the same page? …So maybe their next slogan can be TRANSPARENT PANTS.

  • Yogini

    This is exactly like when that artist got up on stage recently in San Antonio, TX and shouted “Hey San Antonio – How about that Alamo!!!” Concertgoers and the whole town were horrified! If you want to connect with people – do your market research and don’t just learn but understand local history and what affect that history has on its people. #marketing101

  • S.

    When you are managed by white privileged testosterone laden females, these are the results. Investors are running for the hills.

  • Stacey

    At our local store they have a huge BACON decal in the window.
    I have no idea what they are trying to do.
    I kept walking….

  • You know what to do! Tell them to take their high-priced pants and shove it. Shop local and sustainable. http://www.YogaHandmade.com

  • Agree with Erin.

  • beebee

    Well, I don’t care. Try finding a really nice pair of mens yoga pants. I bought 3 of them and love them, and besides, how many of those football fans that are boycotting do yoga? Great publicity if anything.

  • JJ

    you’re all talking about it. looks like they did their job.

  • BMF

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