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Lindsay Lohan is Practicing Meditation To Turn Career/Life Around

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There was once a time when Lindsay Lohan was rumored to become a yoga teacher. Alas, this turned out to be false…or did it? For those familiar with Ms. Lohan and her troubles with the law, drugs, alcohol, addiction, not showing up for acting gigs and being an all-around living (almost) worst case scenario for child actors coming of age in Hollywood, then you’d know yoga would be a SUPER extracurricular activity for the “Means Girls” star to get into.

As it turns out, as Lohan is working to turn her life around, meditation has become one of her go-to healthy practices:

She tells Britain’s Marie Claire magazine, “I have some meditations so I tend to do those quite a lot… I do Deepak Chopra’s 21-day Meditation. It’s the most personal thing I can think of that I have for myself. Just being able to shut off. It’s a hard process, but I’ve been practising it for a while now and it does work.”

Lohan, now 28, is working towards a career comeback and perhaps Saturn’s return(?): “Every day I think, ‘What’s more important? What makes me happy? When do I feel my best? When do I feel I’m giving my best? Am I making other people happy? How can I make other people happy?’ They are the general guidelines I try to live by. You know, it sounds selfish but you do have to put yourself first.

“There are certain jobs where you don’t have to show up and put a face on but you do in the industry I work in. So it’s about stepping back and recognizing if things do start slipping a little bit, how to get back to the same part of life and just being OK with being alone.”

Some mature statements from the gal who may finally be getting her act together. But just know that you’re not alone, Lilo! We’re routing for you.

Here’s a clip from her docu-series “Lindsay” on Oprah’s OWN where she talks about using meditation to help calm her mind and keep addiction at bay. She also worked with a Shaman and took Ayahuasca, a traditional Amazonian psychedelic tea, which is…interesting.

[Via Toronto Sun]



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  • Poor thing sounds like she has been medicating herself. Perhaps bi-polar? Meditation will certainly help her!

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