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It’s Hippie Love, Chakra Hugging, and Horseradish in Funny New ‘Posers’ Webisode

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We’re loving this new “Posers” episode about yoga class love connections. Vibing, vocalizing and hugging heart chakras. Oh boy.

If you’ve been enjoying this hilarious web series as much as we have you won’t want to miss the latest episodes. They’re funny, cheeky, endearing and chock full of lol-able one-liners, and we rarely lol at yoga videos, let alone write lol. Check them out.

Posers Ep. 6: Hippie Love
“He smelled like horseradish and stale nickels.”

Posers Ep. 5: Shiny Happy Yoga Teacher
“See? This is what I’m talking about! If you had been listening AT ALL you would know that I am on a 30-day media fast.”

Posers Ep. 4: Hot Yoga
“Anyone who is anyone on Broadway does hot yoga.” Toxins be gone!

Watch Episodes 1-3:

‘Posers’ Episode 3: To Be a Yogi, Dress the Part

‘Posers’ Is a Hilarious Reminder of What It’s Like to Be a Yoga Newbie



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  • Jessica

    While it seems like a funny idea at first, the creators are placing themselves in the position of ‘poser’ — as no true spiritual person would be so judgemental… worry about yourself and don’t make fun of others.

  • tami

    omg I madly love this series and cannot wait for more!

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