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This Video of a Woman Doing Yoga on the Ledge of a Building is Freaking Everyone Out

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This video of a gal doing some yoga poses on what looks like a ledge of a building several stories up is causing quite a stir. So much so that NBC News has contacted us to comment on it for a story. But we know we’ve said a lot already on this site when it comes to public displays of yoga, yoga selfies and such. So we’re going to post this video without comment. We’d like to hear what you have to say. What’s your reaction?

Too much? No big deal? How high is too high?

Update: More On That Scary Yoga On a Ledge Video



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  • Marianne

    Reckless and unnecessary. Having said that, it is far too easy to cause people to come in-glued. Yoga, minus the ledge, is the remedy.

  • Marianne

    Reckless and unnecessary. Having said that, it is far too easy to cause people to come un-glued. Yoga, minus the ledge, is the remedy.

  • Jen

    I guess the question NBC should be asking is why? Why is this a big deal? Why is she doing it? What is her intention in doing this? For show? To prove to herself she’s overcome her fear of heights?

  • Jessica

    Is this supposed to be inspirational? Is she promoting death-defying tricks as a new form of enlightenment? Would she encourage other yogis to do the same?
    She literally ended her statement saying “I dare you.” Really?! That’s what irks me the most. A “Do NOT try this at home,” would have been more appropriate. If you want to hang your body off a building and risk your life to look talented, go right ahead. Just don’t call it yoga.
    Yoga is enough. Why do we need to add the circus? It’s frustrating.

  • Ingrid Oscarsson

    I was surprised at reading the negative comments above. My first reaction was wow. What strength and beauty and a supreme example of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Clearly, this woman has had a physical practice for some time, and although we might not all get to where she is, it is a stunning reminder of how fascinating our bodies and minds are if only we practice.

  • Woz

    Natural selection candidate.

  • VQ2

    Watched the first ten seconds. Then killed it.



    • jodie

      Agreed..but sadly they won’t go away, and many will not evolve either.

  • jay

    Wow! No way I would do that! I am scared of heights. I don’t have a strong opinion either way.

  • combine it with doobage & yoga and then it will be interesting. otherwise, who cares?

  • Yoga Dude

    Look at me! LOOK AT ME! I can only practice yoga when you LOOK AT ME!

    So delightfully yogic.

    • John

      Listen to me! Listen to me! I only know I’m doing yoga if I tell every one else they’re doing it wrong

      So delightfully yogic.

      • VQ2

        I’m ready to practice pratyahara now, and ignore both of you ….

        • John

          Better late than never, though my mind reading powers tell me “pratyahara” means “go and denigrate some one else who undermines the self image I’ve built around yoga now people showed up to defend this one”

  • Megan

    Well, she’s a model/actress:

    So this is probably a purely self-promotional move. Just seems to be another draw for attention in today’s yoga culture.

  • Big Om Shanti

    This is such a beautiful story and picture of a women who clearly embodies the yoga spirit. Even in the face of death she has a perfect pose while engaging her wonderfully developed abs. Obviously the people who do not like this display of incredible concentration are not true yogis and probably hate Lululemon too because they don’t have a Kathryn Budig body. It’s really easy to find mental focus when you are resting comfortably on your $150+ anti microbial eco designed mat. The real test comes when you are off the mat like this women demonstrates.

    This has inspired me to start a new brand of yoga called Extreme Om Yoga. The poses in this form of yoga have a 10% mortality rate.

    • VQ2

      YEP. 10% is about right. The mortality odds of practicing parkour at a near-expert level in a developed urban environment.

      They invented calculated physical risk.

      This is its first cousin. Meet-and-greet. Should try for the Olympics, too …

  • paul

    peace is possible, when we practice peace. practice peace!

  • John

    Looks like fun to do. Not my thing to watch – I prefer to watch people who’ve taken sensible safety precautions and then hold my attention with their skill, not their daring. I’m curious how far a drop she actually faced – there may be another roof just below, for example, the camera angle is carefully chosen.

    In this famous photo, for example, there is a ledge 1 meter down. He’s still taking a huge risk and displaying far more skill and focus than any the girl in the vid, but it’s evidence she maybe more safety conscious than she looks http://snip.ly/FGu/#http://gu.com/p/3p2je/tw

    I’m amused by all the self-righteous piety decrying an innocent little video. Swenson published photos of himself doing astanga poses on cliff tops and every one bought his books. An girl posts a video of herself doing yoga on a roof top and every one sneers. Is she wrong an he right because he was a man, because an old man in India said Swenson knew yoga, because he did it earlier, because a book cover is somehow more spiritual than a youtube video? Did all the people who envied Swenson come up with the same pious nonsense all the people who envy this girl are spouting? I never heard them

  • James

    Yes it’s reckless and irresponsible but damn is it impressive. To think of the times when I’ve been doing those poses and stumbled only to remind myself that I fall when I lose my focus. She has excellent focus.

    Shameless self-promotion? Definitely. It is nonetheless impressive and a nice break from the normal yoga selfie which is nothing more daring than an attractive person wearing athletic clothing.

  • Susan

    Totally irresponsible….and this is the kind of crap that gives yoga a bad name.

  • Extreme Yoga Selfie? Y’all know what I think. http://www.jbrownyoga.com/blog/2013/08/gentle-is-the-new-advanced

  • Extreme Yoga Selfies? Y’all know what I think: http://www.jbrownyoga.com/blog/2013/08/gentle-is-the-new-advanced

    • VQ2

      There is a world of difference between doing this stuff on a promontory, away from civilization; without cameras rolling; wherein the potential to affect third innocent parties, ‘way down below is not a consideration.

      It’s not like they closed off all that part of NYC just to film a movie. And those people, insurable or not, run the numbers first of any liabilities, I’m sure …

      No, I cannot do that stuff even on stable ground. I am the first to admit this. Envy was my middle name. Guilty as charged. Satisfied, John?

      That being said, this is irresponsible bull$#!t; and everybody knows it.

      • John

        Ahhh… the “what about the poor bystanders if it goes wrong?” excuse. There is no evidence any bystanders existed or were at risk. Twenty five stories is a long drop and a lot of noise. Pretty safe for those on the ground – if (if) there’s a clean drop to the public from the ledge. Sorry, you’ll have to do better than pretending concern for non existent people you’ve never met who might just possibly have got hurt if she had under estimated her ability.

        Irresponsible is taking on too big a risk. This was clearly well within her abilities. She got to enjoy a tremendous experience perfectly safely.

        I’m amused by the irony of people touting “yoga philosophy” in one breath and condemning this in another… “Fear of death”, who else has sat through that yoga “philosophy” empty platitude filled lecture? “Corpse” pose? “Be Present”… all those little homilies proved as empty as we always thought; those that claim they’re the most important part of yoga are the fastest to condemn some one who lives them a little.

        More seriously… as for whether cameras being present makes it different… subtle and complex. I belong firmly to the “if youtube had existed when we were younger we’d be dead” generation. All of us somewhat stunned to find ourselves still here and alternately grateful we never had to find out how modern technology would’ve affected our attitude to risk and regretful we don’t have any footage with which to show up these young pretenders 🙂

        This is an old, old, debate, and it’s obvious from all the articles and comments that none of the people taking part now it involves yoga have covered even the most limited basics… so, can I suggest that every one start by reading http://www.amazon.com/Philosophy-Risk-Adventure-Sports-McNamee/dp/0415351855/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1411715436&sr=1-3 For me it was a good start to an alternative yoga “philosophy” to the nonsense touted in most classes

  • This may not even be dangerous. That wall may have roof on both sides, just a few feet below. It looks like a wall in between two buildings. The camera moves from the right all the way over to the left side of the wall. Notice how the camera is also very careful to not show anything below a certain point, even while panning. It was clearly done for the “wow” factor, seeing the city behind her, and it worked… here we are talking about it. I’d love to see what is below the wall. I’m pretty sure any of us here can do that, assuming we can do the pose in the first place! haha

    • John

      Exactly, and I’ve not seen her outright deny using a wire, either…

  • BFD! Any run-of-the-mill gymnast, tight wire performer, and so on can do this, and much, much more. I can hear them all sitting around with a beer, laughing and shouting:. “AMATEUR!”

    Yoga world, get over yourself already!

  • Yogini

    I don’t believe she’s on a real ledge. It’s no doubt a big screen with an “on the ledge” background effect.

  • Willa

    She’s not doing yoga, she’s posing .. difference .. :/

  • Susan Linda

    She is magnificent. I am amazed at the negative comments.

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