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The First Rule of Underwater Yoga Is DO NOT Breathe In Underwater Yoga

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Underwater yoga: is this becoming a thing? Pranayama techniques just got real. Here are some photos of Scott Cole, a yoga teacher and general fitness coach practicing his best seaweed poses. The best part? These photos are taken in his friend’s private home in LA. Must be nice! We’re just hoping it doesn’t normally double as a shark tank.

Here he is in stretchy butler asana, or something like that.


And lotus. What? No seaweed pose?


If you’re going to try this at home, the first thing you need to do is get a pool in your house and a super huge and awesome viewing window. Also, you might want to follow Cole’s sage advice: “When trying underwater lotus, make sure you can ‘un-lotus’ rather quickly. You don’t want your legs getting stuck in that position while you’re underwater.”

[Via ABC News]



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