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‘Posers’ Is a Hilarious Reminder of What It’s Like to Be a Yoga Newbie

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Yes, it’s yet another yoga web series…wait…come back! This one is pretty funny! We promise you’ll get at least one satisfactory chuckle out of “Posers” written by and starring the uber exuberant Megan Gonzalez and Cait Doyle. The series follows Cait and Megan as they traverse their way through the trials and tribulations of the yoga world. It’s funny, it’s endearing and you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement more than a few times.

The first two episodes have already been released, and we’re told they’ll be releasing a new episode every Tuesday through October, so if you like these two you’re in luck.

Episode 1 shows us what happens when Cait and Megan try their beginners’ luck with a yoga class Groupon. What could go wrong? Episode 2 we find the gals attempting to focus for at-home practice with a million things to distract them like toes, love horoscopes and popcorn. We’ve been there, ladies.


Posers Ep. 1: First Class

Posers Ep. 2: Focus and Dedication



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  • Melissa

    OMG! This show is so true and funny! I feel like I have been there! In my first year of Yoga it was a challenge to get into the flow. Thank you for showing it to me, can’t wait to see the next episode!

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