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Here’s a Rare Photo of Joan Rivers Practicing Yoga

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Here’s a rare photo of Joan Rivers practicing yoga (meditation?) from Punta Mita, Mexico where she and her daughter Melissa spent time over the holidays in 2011. The mother and daughter duo shared photos on twitter and facebook of their vacation spent hanging out on the coast and apparently squeezing in a little time for yoga.


We learned that Joan Rivers died today of cardiac arrest at the age of 81. Upon hearing the news, we joked that she’d probably never done yoga a day in her life since she was famous for disliking any sort of exercise — and she probably disliked yoga pants even more! But perhaps the practice of meditation offered a safe and comforting respite in between sassy comments and telling it like it is like no other could, bless her ever loving heart.

We applaud Joan Rivers for her life’s work of being a hard ass and not budging from what she believed in, or what she believed should be said. She spoke for so many of us, and will continue to do so through her uncanny talent for policing fashion and dishing words of wisdom.

Joan Rivers may not have been a dedicated yogi, but we’re sure as hell going to miss her spirit.


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.”

RIP, JR. Namaste.



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