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ALS YOGA Ice Bucket Challenge in HEADSTAND from Everton FC’s Head of Medical Services

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Here’s Danny Donachie, head of medical services at Everton Football Club, an English premier league soccer team, performing his ALS ice bucket challenge…in headstand! Which is some super impressive balancing, by the way, because that’s A LOT of ice water.

“I dedicated the challenge to BKS Iyengar who was an inspiration to me. I never met him but we sent each other letters many years ago. His impact on the practice of asana has been incredible,” Danny told us in email.


“Whooo! That’s a big bucket!”

Danny sent us the video and we uploaded it to YouTube with his permission. “Many of the players are doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, so I thought I would do it with a twist!” he said.

Danny told he has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and that he has been teaching yoga to the Everton players for 15 years (!)

Who plays for Everton? You might be interested to know that none other than American goalkeeping wonder Tim Howard plays for Everton! Howard was apparently the only member of the U.S. team in the recent World Cup to have been practicing his yoga, with his most amazing and record-breaking 16 saves. Just sayin’.

As is required with these challenges, Danny has gone ahead and nominated three people: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (his guru), Philip Neville (“a good friend who practiced yoga throughout his soccer career”) and Rodney Marsh (an ex-player who used to play with Danny’s father, Willie Donachie, who met Sadhguru last year). Now it’s their turn!

We’re not sure why we haven’t seen more yoga-themed ALS ice bucket challenges, but something tells us this isn’t the last of them.

Remember, you can do the ice bucket challenge or donate $100, or you could do both, or you could just donate. Here’s where you can do that last part: ALS Association.



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