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Watch Clemson Tigers Football Coach Yoga It Up

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Clemson University’s football coach shows us his unique style of yoga in this cute promotional video from the school’s sports department. The usually intense Coach Brent Venebles’ leads a somewhat intense, yet relaxed-ish yoga class with a bunch of willing, and maybe a tad confused, students.

The YouTube description reads:  “Coach Venables isn’t always the loud intense Linebacker’s Coach that everyone thinks he is. Sometimes, to relax, it just takes a little yoga and some soothing flute music.”

We all need time to relax! Even football coaches. As for flute music, well, we’re still on the fence there. Also, not sure why some yogis prefer socks during practice (usually guys…what’s with that?) but we love that more and more athletes and coaches are getting in on the benefits of yoga, not only physically, but on a mental and meditative level as well.

What’s more, members of the Clemson football team, like Senior Linebacker Stephone Anthony, are taking on the practice to better their game.

“I am trying to loosen my hips up,” Anthony told TigerNet.com. “I’ve been doing yoga, trying to get loosened up and work on my change of direction.”

[Via USA Today]



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