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BKS Iyengar Remains in Critical Condition Following Renal Failure

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As an update to last week’s report, we’re sad to hear BKS Iyengar is still in the hospital and is considered to be in critical condition. The 96-year-young yoga guru was put on dialysis last Sunday following renal failure but unfortunately his kidneys have not responded so well to the treatment, according to today’s reports. Guruji, as he is referred to by his students, is conscious but is experiencing drowsiness. Because of the drowsiness doctors had to insert a nasogastric tube to provide him with hydration and nourishment.

Via The Hindu:

“His condition is pretty much the same since then. Unfortunately, Mr. Iyengar did not respond to the first cycle of dialysis,” said Shirish Prayag, Managing Director & Chief Consultant in Critical Care Medicine at Prayag Hospital, speaking to The Hindu.

Dr. Prayag said that despite a second dialysis cycle, Mr. Iyengar had not shown any improvement and was not responding well to the treatment.

“He is being put on two more cycles to see if his kidneys respond,” said Dr. Prayag, commenting that the Yogacharya, while still conscious, was presently experiencing some drowsiness.

Via The Times of India:

“Compared to Monday when he had become little drowsy for the first time after hospitalisation, Iyengar’s condition has become more critical on Tuesday (August 19). He has become more drowsy, hence we had to put a tube to ensure he remains hydrated and nourished,” said a doctor treating him.

Iyengar was ill for three weeks prior to hospitalisation. “He was ill for three weeks and had steadfastly refused to get himself admitted and was treated at home by his family physician. He was even put on intravenous fluid at home. His family members could finally pursuade him to get admitted after his condition worsened. He was admitted to the hospital on August 12. He was put on non-invasive ventilator for a day but he refused to undergo aggressive treatment and hence, he was put off the artificial respiration,” the doctor said.

BKS Iyengar was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, August 12 and was treated for breathlessness and low blood pressure. Mr. Iyengar has had a history of heart disease, and even had a couple of heart attacks years ago. He is well-known for having been very ill as a teenager and making a remarkable recovery, crediting yoga as his healing method.

We were reassured by his students last week that BKS Iyengar was doing fine, and we do not intend to spread negativity around his health, but we know there are a lot of people concerned for him who wish to send him healing thoughts and prayers. We’ll keep you updated as more news is released. Namaste.



BKS Iyengar Admitted to Hospital Amidst Health Concerns


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  • Elizabeth

    Sad to hear this, though I recognize even great lives must come to an end.

    I’m confused about why they would expect his kidneys to respond to dialysis though–dialysis is a means of externally filtering the blood when the kidneys fail to do so. Clearly I need to go learn more about why this is.

  • Sonia

    An incredible master and teacher of Yoga. BKS is responsible for the way we practice yoga, and he has always maintained that he is just a student, and has never set himself up as a God.
    He demands discipline, passion and focus, and he walks his talk. Have you ever heard him accused of misconduct like some of the current self-proclaimed Yoga Masters? He deserves our prayers and gratitude. I am honored to have learned the method devised by the greatest Yogi to grace the planet. May he be surrounded by love and light!

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