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Folding Yoga Blankets Is An Art

in YD News, YogaDork Ed

mexican-yoga-blanketsYoga Blankets, A Haiku

oh, yoga blankets
I fold you up nice and yet
your fringed edge mocks me

Have you ever been to yoga and suddenly it turns into a blanket origami class? Not only is folding blankets in yoga an art, it’s a science. You can’t just fold the blankets any old way, not for use as props and not for putting back on the shelves, heaven forbid the fringe is facing the WRONG WAY. There are reasons for this besides the assumption that yoga teachers have OCD. There’s neatness and proper prop support, but perhaps the biggest reason is promoting consciousness. How you do anything is how you do everything, right?

In case you were wondering how to fold your blankets the correct way, here’s a handy how-to video so you, too, can learn the ropes and share with your foldingly-challenged friends and loves ones.

And here’s one from YD pal Cora Wen demonstrating specific folds used during class. Brush up on your Blanket Folding 101!



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  • James

    These have got to be intended as training videos for new instructors at those studios. Right?

  • In my YTT, we actually did have instruction on how to fold a yoga blanket. It was called “Blanket Tadasana”. Sure makes putting blankets away easier more me.

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