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If There Was a Yoga Pose Called Robin Williams, What Would It Look Like?

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We just heard about the death of Oscar-winning comedian Robin Williams and just can’t believe it. He was 63, and died earlier today of an apparent suicide, according to reports. It’s very sad and shocking news for most of us who knew Williams as the super exuberant and hilariously funny actor who never failed to make us laugh whether he was on stage, on screen, or on camera for an interview. But some of us may know that, off camera, Williams suffered from years of depression and had battled addiction. We can’t ever know what he really went through, and we’re truly heartbroken that he has passed, but we do know his body of work will never be forgotten.

In memory of this amazingly talented and brilliant soul, we’re sharing this brief, but silly video of a classic Robin Williams quipping about yoga at the 2012 comedy awards.

If there was a yoga pose called Robin Williams, what would it look like?

The man was always ON. And according to this New York Magazine article, Rob Williams actually practiced yoga, too.

Our hearts go out to his family. Your spark will live on, Sir Williams. We’re grateful for all the brightness you brought to the world.

For help related to suicide or depression visit HelpGuide.org and MayoClinic.org.

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  • Shocked and sad hardly can describe how I feel about Robin Williams passing. I think the Lion pose would be appropriate for Robin Williams. It always makes people laugh, just like he did. Our world is just a little less funny now. Thanks Robin for your brilliance.

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