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Fruits and Veggies Do Yoga and It’s Adorably Delightful

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If there’s one thing we like almost as much as animals doing yoga it’s food doing yoga. What’s cuter than broccoli in tree pose? Avocado, lemon ask the vinyasa-ing strawberries. Heh.

Artist Marta Prior uses watercolor and sketches to bring this adorable produce to life through yoga poses. And we can’t resist the cuteness!

Avocado Yoga


Broccoli Yoga


Lemon Yoga


Pickle Yoga


Strawberry Yoga



And a mixed Fruit & Veggie Meditation.


Living in Barcelona, Prior is also an art teacher and yoga practitioner. “In recent years I have begun to teach Art in High School, the more I teach the more I learn. At the same time I practice in yoga, and this help me so much to know a little more about me.  I have realized that I always wanted to do drawings in ink and watercolor technique, so I started to do it, and this is the result, a collection of my drawings,” says Prior via her website.

See all of Marta Prior’s work at martaprior.com.

[via Buzzfeed]




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