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Aflac Duck Does Yoga in New Commercial

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There may already be a duck pose in yoga, but that won’t stop a major insurance company from co-opting it for their latest ad campaign. It’s Aflac’s new “Duck Does Yoga” commercial, and debuted its little duckie tail feathers on the yoga mat, and television screen, just recently on August 5th. Apparently, the duck is still a yoga newb and has trouble doing a lot of the poses – he doesn’t even have any hands! – but he’s a guru at insurance, especially when it comes to talking injuries and slipped discs in yoga class…? Yes, that seems to be the premise of the ad.

The description reads: “The Aflac Duck liberates his body at the yoga studio. What the Duck lacks in physical prowess he more than makes up for by delivering your money.”

You know, just your typical yoga class banter about back pain and insurance claims and getting paid. All in all, even though there’s no duck pose (which looks like a broken crow/faceplant pose, by the way) this ad is kind of cute – we’re total suckers for animals doing yoga – but we’ve got to hold these advertising execs liable for missing a perfect opportunity to make a priceless yoga fart joke. Allow us to re-imagine the scene.

[cue: loud air-releasing noise resembling that of French horn and/or mating call of a feathered bird]

Student 1: What…?

Student2: …was that?

Aflac Duck: Hey! Did somebody step on a duck? 

::end scene::

You know where to find us, ad scouts.

[Via iSpot]



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  • Not impressed with AFLAC’s service (personal experience) or the commerical. Cheezy commerical.

  • monique

    “Liberate your spine… Blossom your toooes!” Ha! I love that. What exactly DO YOU MEAN?!?! I love animals doing yoga too but I got totally distracted from the duck exhales by the teacher’s words. Sooooo funny. and bad. and funny.

  • Actually funny but why the slipped disc comment while doing yoga. There are enough issues of yoga safety and misinformation.

  • yiu

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