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Portland Achieves World’s Largest Yoga Chain, Dubbed ‘The Great Namaste’ (VIDEO)

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We’re not sure why the yoga world has an obsession with breaking world records, but it’s been done, with motorcycles, by pregnant ladies and now Portland, Oregon is on the map for hosting the world’s largest yoga chain. Dubbed “The Great Namaste” the event took place as part of the World Domination Summit 2014, a convention of creative types joining together to dominate the world, in the metaphorical sense, we assume. In case you were wondering, it costs approximately $500 to be a world dominator, which would probably make that the world’s most expensive yoga class, too. The time lapse video is pretty fun, though. If you’re curious what a “yoga chain” is, it’s pretty much like The Wave you see at sports games, but with yoga.



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  • For anyone who has done this, what’s the appeal? Is there a magical connection when so many people are together focused on the same thing? I would love to hear folks experience with this type of thing.

  • angela

    Hey, yoga guy- actually I have done yoga on the mall in dc and it was really special. There was a really amazing energy that came from being a part of such a large group…it’s cool to see so many people in unison and harmony 🙂

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