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What is iPhone Yoga? AKA Yoga According to Urban Dictionary

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 was a momentous day for the modern yoga lexicon – “iPhone Yoga” was officially added to the Urban Dictionary! What is iPhone Yoga, you ask? Currently there is only one definition and it sounds like it fits. No, it’s not about selfies, surprisingly. Upon further research we found there are a lot of interesting and lol-worthy definitions for yoga and yoga-related words. Check it out and allow your mind to expand.

iPhone Yoga:


What about just yoga? There are a lot of different definitions for “yoga” on Urban Dictionary (19!) ranging from the expected sexual innuendos and acronyms (“yes, oh, god again!”) to marijuana slang (“lets get together and do this wicked yoga i got in europe”).

But this definition holds the number one spot, with 498 thumbs up.



Yikes! We found #19 to be pretty interesting, too. Yoga as an unattractive adjective?


You kids!

So what about Yoga Pants (aka “push up bra for your butt”)? The number one voted entry comes to us by Effing Dbag and eschews any of the frivolities.

Yoga Pants:

urban-dictionary-yoga-pantsThat’s it. Simple.

But we appreciate #5, too.


Lululemon? Yep, in the UD!



#5 is an interesting bit of social commentary:


Meditation, though, is a surprisingly serious and earnest entry:



Thanks, Urban Dictionary, for giving us a better understanding of life, and our new meditation – the sound of one hand clapping!




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  • VQ2

    So, by definition, iPhone yoga is NOT:

    1) following a yoga or movement app on your iPhone
    2) following a yoga video on your iPhone
    3) following from an eBook featuring yoga on your iPhone

    because the practitioner did not author their OWN practice.

    Good call, Urban Dictionary!

    Extra points on the mention of “one hand clapping”, as well … 🙂

  • Haha I’d love to buy the urban dictionary as a written book, think it would make great reading material for the laughs 😀

  • courtney

    hahaha! that’s great!.. ‘and on the 8th day god created yoga pants’


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