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Gabriel Iglesias Gets Conan O’Brien to Do Yoga

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Comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias aka ‘Fluffy’ showed Conan O’Brien a few yoga moves Tuesday night and we’re pretty sure a good time was had by all. There were Cats and Cows and Down Dogs and blood-filled pants!

Iglesias has Type 2 Diabetes, as he explained to Conan, and his doctor told him he had two choices: either keep doing what he’s doing and risk getting sicker OR lose some weight and enjoy his career. He chose the latter, and the method he chose was yoga, DDP yoga to be specific, which he unleashed on Conan during his guest segment on Tuesday night’s show. Iglesias shared how he wasn’t able to get up on his own before, but now he’s all about being active and rolling around on the floor.

For the unfamiliar, DDP Yoga was created by pro-wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page (hence the DDP) and it’s pretty much what one might expect from a dudely dude’s yoga – the tagline growls, “It’s not your mama’s yoga!” Some may find the approach questionable, and wonder about DDP’s yoga cred (his inspirations are actually Erich Schiffmann, Shive Rea and Bryan Kest), but the results can not be denied. Iglesias managed to lose 110 pounds by practicing this form of boot campy yoga. His experience echoes that of other obese and/or otherwise immobile people who have found DDP Yoga to be an accessible way to get into the practice. (See: Jake “the Snake” Roberts, Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall and the super famous gone-viral story of Arthur Boorman.) DDP Yoga is not promoted as a weight loss program. “It isn’t a weight loss program,” DDP told us in an interview, “it’s just an awesome side effect.” DDP is also an advocate for healthy eating and has a habit of encouraging/coaching participants to choose healthier food options.

While there has been an ongoing debate over whether or not yoga causes weight loss, we’re glad Iglesias has been able to shed some pounds and gain strength inside and out – and he seems pretty freakin’ happy about it!

“It’s a lot of fun for me because I never used to be able to be active,” said Iglesias. “That was the biggest problem. I was always a big dude, but I could never move around. More importantly I just want to be alive.”

We’re happy for him! And, besides, we can’t resist a little Conan yoga. He acts like he doesn’t know, but we’ve seen you do it before, Mr. O’Brien! (twice!)



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