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New Trend Alert: Wake Up With Brooklyn’s Early Morning Sober Rave Yoga Dance Party

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It’s 6 a.m., you’re up and ready to sweat. You grab your animal costume, your LED disco yoga mat and you’re off to Brooklyn’s own massive sober rave dance party where smoothies, yoga and voguing are your drugs of choice. Sounds like our usual morning!

No this is not the next incarnation of Wanderlust, though it very well could be soon. The new early morning ritual is Morning Gloryville, a “whole-hearted movement” flipping the script on clubbing, open to anyone willing to “dare to subvert morning culture and challenge your rhythm.” There’s a smoothie bar, espresso bar, massages by donation, a DJ playing house music, a trampoline, rope swing, yoga classes, hugs in abundance, “more love than you’ll find at your local unicorn ranch” and lots of dressed up sweaty adults bouncing off the walls, all before 8 o’clock in the morning.

Held at a fitness facility called Brooklyn Zoo, it is…a ZOO meets a circus meets a yoga festival.




This is not your regular yoga rave.

Via Gothamist:

A $20 ticket to Morning Gloryville gets you the following: three hugs upon entry (one from each of the Morning Gloryville crew), a plastic lei, and three and a half hours of dancing. There’s a smoothie bar, where smoothies are $6-a-pop and juices run $9, and you can purchase Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee for around $2-$3, if you so desire. Massages are available for a “suggested donation,” and crews were leading soggy yoga classes every 5 to 10 minutes on the Zoo’s rainy roof.

The dancing, though, was Morning Gloryville’s real bread-and-butter, with DJs blaring house music that reverberated all the way down Bogart Street. The Zoo—which was packed by 7:30 a.m.—boasted a bouncy floor and trampoline, and attendees were all over it, climbing walls, doing handstands and flipping from a rope swing in the middle of the room. The Zoo’s garage doors were open, and passersby kept stopping to snap photos of the dozens of grown-ass adults in sequins doing pike jumps and tossing giant blow-up balls around the faux-graffitied wall.

This is all going down in Williamsburg (where else?) but the movement is growing to locations all over the world (Morning Gloryville Sydney is next.)

The organizers are all about spreading the love (read: they’re a bunch of Billyburg hippies). Their facebook status after the last event read:

WOW. Now that was SO.MUCH.FUN !! An explosion of color, fun, love, sparks…and so many beautiful souls joining together making this an incredible magical celebration of life! Yeah!
Infinite love and gratitude to all you bRavers for each bringing your own unique brand of sunshine 
Thank you Brooklyn Zoo! What an epic jungle to monkey around in! Zinging, swinging, bouncing, flipping, stretching, flexing, grooving, masseuse-ing, juicing, sun- saluting…and making some awesome new friends too…Can’t wait for the next one!

Just high on life, people. The next Morning Gloryville “sober rave” will be held on August 13th. Get your tickets now, because we’ve seen your usual morning “rave” and it’s not pretty.

photo credit Mathew Gilbertson



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  • VQ2

    By the year 2016, amongst a certain class of hipster, this will become a non-sectarian sacrament. Stay tuned. Object of the game: instead of holding your liquor, particularly see if you could hold your natural queasiness at bay.

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