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NYC Man Attempts Rooftop Yoga in Thong, Makes Us Extremely Nervous

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This just in: New Yorkers are running out of room to practice their yoga – they’ve taken to the rooftops! Apparently they’re running out of clothing as well if this man doing his yoga practice on the roof of a building in nothing more than a thong is any indication. It’s spacious, it’s dangerous, it’s the best way to get a tan AND risk your life and dignity – sounds like the next NYC yoga craze to us!

The daredevil yogi was spotted through Murray Hill office window across the way on East 30th Street. The tipster, doing his duty in citizen journalism, sent the pics to Gothamist adding that the afternoon yogster “has some thong action going on,” but is naked otherwise for the world to see.

We know people love their naked yoga, especially New Yorkers, and that’s cool and stuff, but this seems a little excessive. Extra credit for the effort, sir, but your peak pose doesn’t mean it has to be on the tip top of a roof. #nostandingposesorarmbalancesplease




[Via Gothamist]

photo credit Rupi Hayer



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