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Florida Woman Arrested for Intoxicated Yoga in Middle of the Street

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

florida-woman-intoxicated-yogaTaking yoga off the mat doesn’t necessarily mean doing it in public in your underwear (unless you’re Lady Gaga). Unfortunately, for one Ocala, Florida resident her demons took her too far past her edge and into the danger zone. Michele Cernak, 51, was high on drugs when cops responded to calls about a woman in her panties practicing yoga poses in the middle of the street.

Via NY Daily News:

Witnesses reported a woman was stripping off her clothes and doing yoga in the middle of Sanchez Avenue.

Nearby was a pickup with its engine running and its driver’s door wide open, police said in an incident report posted on the Smoking Gun website.

Cernak admitted to shooting up with heroin prior to the yoga show, which police found in her vehicle along with syringes, hydrocodone pills, and a crack pipe. The woman has been arrested and is being held on bail.

The weird and mysterious thing about all of this is the yoga. Is she actually a yoga practitioner? Is she a yoga teacher? An out of business studio owner? That’s a totally serious question. Yoga studios are shutting down almost as rapidly as they’re opening and being a yoga teacher is not exactly easy living.

In any case, we hope she gets the help she needs.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties with drug abuse or addiction go to Recovery.org or call 1-888-255-1403.

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