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First Pitch Involves Strange Yoga Routine At Taiwanese Baseball Game

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This is not the first yoga pitch we were waiting for, (was anyone waiting for it?) but no doubt it’s weird and interesting, and pretty uncomfortable. Honestly, we saw this in our news feed and ignored it long enough and finally had to watch it. “Striptease”? “Suggestive moves”? “Yoga”? All more than questionable, but one thing is for sure, “Yoga goddess” Yan did a heck of a better job tossing in the first pitch at a Lamigo Monkeys vs Brother Elephants game in the Taiwanese baseball league than any recent attempts from 50 Cent and Carly Rae Jepsen. And that is one mean reverse namaste.

What would we do without the internets?

[H/T Deadspin]



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