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Tight Bods, Wobbles, and Farts – When 3 Pro Wrestlers Practice Yoga In the Ring (VIDEO)

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What happens when three pro wrestlers try to practice yoga in the ring? Tight bods, wobbles, and farts, apparently! Yes, their form is a bit off, but it’s somewhat charming these TNA wrestlers are earnestly demonstrating what they’ve learned in yoga class – “Down Dog” one dude says….”Yeah, Downward Dog,” another dude corrects. Hey guys, it’s Downward Facing Dog if we’re getting technical, but no matter, we’re impressed by the effort! You’re newbs, we get it. And we, of course, appreciate lines like:

“Is this right?”

“I think this is right…”

“Always feel like I gotta fart on this one.”

TNA pro wrestler Robbie E (the confessed farter on the left) and his wrestler girlfriend Brooke Tessmacher were cast members on the latest season of “Amazing Race” premiering in September. Robbie shared with TMZ how yoga helped him get ready, mentally and physically, for the challenge of being on the show and racing, amazingly.

Here’s your sophomoric giggle for the day featuring TNA wrestlers Robbie E, DJ Z, and Jessie Godderz in a show of brotastic yoga complete with socks, farts and wobbly trees.

“I’m tellin’ you, bro, this is why it’s worth it. This is why we’re champions right here. We’re gonna be so limber.” Hm, yeah, just watch out for those backskies, eh?

[via TMZ]



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