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4 Ways Yogis Should NOT Celebrate Fourth of July

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~ “Do not forget that all fireworks come with strict warnings as they are dangerous.” – BKS Iyengar, “Light on Life” ~

It’s a time for celebration! The summer is officially here and with July 4th festivities upon us, we thought we’d send out a few suggestions and safety tips to remember when practicing your yoga during the holiday weekend.



Sparkler Yoga: Oooooh, sparkly! It’s pretty hip these days to add some pizazz to your yoga, but stick to the feathers and glitter. This particular style of yoga requires two fire blankets for props and likely ends in a savasana of fire extinguisher foam. Let that little light inside sparkle instead, mkay? Instagram doesn’t know how to dial 911.


Joey Chestnut Pose (aka Asana After a Hot Dog Eating Contest): It’s an American tradition! But, bandhas beware, after scarfing down 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes like reigning seven-time Nathan’s champ, Mr. Chestnut, you’d be best to avoid any torso-torquing, twisting or moving…yeah, probably better not to do any moving of any kind. At least not before…food reincarnation pose? (Sorry.)


Breath of Fireworks: Kapalabhati is great for warming and cleansing but practice this breath of fire too close to the unlit fireworks and you’ve got yourself an unexpected show of bright lights shaped like smiley faces no amount of sitali “cooling breath” could extinguish. We’re not sure that’s the warming and cleansing you’re looking for! Keep that fierce open flame of yours contained and AWAY from the flammables.


American Flag Yoga Towel
: Now this one is just disrespectful. Laying down your country’s flag to catch the blood, sweat and tears of your hardworking body in a yoga practice that you do in order to be more in synch with yourself and your environment on a journey to become a more conscious, compassionate human being making better choices for you and the world around you? Nevermind. That sounds like the most patriotic thing you could do! (Though it’s probably illegal, so don’t try it, anyway. Or maybe not?)


Beer-asana: Oh wait, that already exists! You’re all good.

However you celebrate Independence Day, have fun, stay safe, and stay cool!



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