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Outdoor Yoga Shenanigans – Let It Gooooo (VIDEO)

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, they’re going to have to add a special “Yoga Parody” category to the Webby Awards pretty soon, due to their sheer ubiquity on the internets. While there’s no drought of silly yoga spoofs, the cup has yet to runneth over because, we gotta admit, we like to laugh! And we’re always happy to watch another giggle-inducing snippet of yoga-jabbing fun.

On that note, here’s the latest candidate for “Yoga Parody of the Year,” a funny video involving creepy dudes, e-cigarettes, a pregnant lady and a deep need to let it goooooo…LET IT GOOOO…

“Rise your crown to nirvana and spread your cheeks to the underworld.”

Description via YouTube: “Just another lakeside yoga class crashed by a couple Blu cig smoking jackasses.”


– Credits –
Director – Ava Mauriello
Writer/Actor – Charlie Berens
Director of Photography – Clay Kimbell
Yoga Instructor – Alex Wehrley
James – Alex Krueger
Angry Yogi – Kelly Stewart
Pregnant Yogi – Ashley Felkner
Overly Helpful Yogi – Elizabeth Stevens
Random Dude – Alex Baughman




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  • Vision_Quest2

    This spoof really blows the lid off of Yoga in the Park, also.

    But I secretly hearted it back in its heyday. Tried it also. Price was right.

    She really should have warned the guy that she was removing the vape.
    And imagine–a Groupon for use of yoga in a public park.

    I think yoga still has my back, though.

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