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Fox News’ Times Square Yoga Stunt Is So Frustrating (VIDEO)

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This is what happens when Fox News attempts to do yoga in Times Square: a staged stunt, half-assed effort, blatant sexism and still enough time to slip in a homophobic wisecrack. OK, this video of Fox commentator Bob Beckel starts out entertaining enough –  super non-yoga dude in white suspenders and a sweatband has his second ever yoga experience in a sea of practitioners in the middle of Times Square – what could go wrong? Our first thought: Hey, good for him, back another year. It takes all kinds! And then…

And then it dissolves into what one might expect from Fox News’ pretty terrible record for keeping an open mind about anything. Why would we think they’d take yoga seriously? After all, it IS what’s causing the ‘wussification’ of America.

“I’ll be here every year as long as the female species exist, and I expect that’ll be a long time,” Fox’s Bob Beckel said, practically wiping the drool off his chin.


“Did you get a date, at least?” one of the talking heads asks.

Double blergh.

The commentary from Beckel and his ‘The Five’ cohorts discussing yoga is painful to watch, with the cliched reference to sexual positions, the pffft-ing at the idea of actually dong it seriously, the focus solely on the physical poses of the practice – besides Greg Gutfeld adding that he believes it fills your mind with pernicious thoughts and how he “refuses to participate in anything that lends itself to the underworld.”

When teased about his headband, Berkel says he was against it from the beginning because “we weren’t in the village.” Offending women, yogis and homosexuals. We’d say that’s all in a day’s work, Fox News!

65-year-old Beckel says that his New Year’s Resolution is to get in better shape. OK then. Bob Beckel, we hereby challenge you to go to a yoga class in a real actual studio, to practice yoga (at least) two times a week for three months (maybe six – are we going to easy on him?) and then you tell us how you really feel. We dipping dog dare you.



Fox News Debates Yoga vs Sports and ‘Wussification’ of America

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