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‘Yoga Mat For Sale’ Ad Hilariously Details Hot Yoga Nightmare

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This guy has a yoga mat for sale. Used once but it’s seen A LOT. Any takers?

This hilarious gem has been surfing interwebs for a little while, and we have to say really never gets old. Buckle up for a wild ride down the sweaty, slippery slope of this man’s hot yoga experience recounted with high sensory detail.

PS. We’re pretty sure his mat’s still available in case you were interested.


 [via tickld]



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  • Vision_Quest2

    To the author of this ad: Please, please, please get thee to a traditional Japanese Hot Bath experience somewhere. I think you would be able to be a much better (and funnier, or at least more feeling) description of said Japanese Hot Bath experience than the one I’d read in The Greatest Networker in the World … plus without a major sales agenda, either …

    Or, if I do want to write anything, are you advertising anywhere else (or on Craigslist) as a ghostwriter ?

    Unsung talents remain unsung …. (le sigh…)

  • woman on wire

    I don’t find this hilarious at all. Dripping with misogyny. I’m already a bit miffed when the first thing a man makes note of in a yoga class is the “hot blonde,” but referring to women as chicks and bitches is so not funny to me.

    • sassy

      have sense of humor WOMAN. get over it!

    • Sandy P.

      I don’t think you find anything in life hilarious #nosenseofhumour

  • Cher

    I laughed.

    And this is why I don’t do hot yoga. I understand that some people really like it, but I just feel sick to my stomach, stressed, miserable afterwards and I don’t enjoy it during.

    Hatha at room temp makes me a happy girl, also oddly I get more physical benefit from it too.

  • Bonnir

    Hilarious! Best laugh I’ve had for a while. For those of you who were offended, yoga is not helping you. LOL!

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