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‘Mermaid’ Yoga Takes Practice Underwater to Sensational, Dramatic Effect – PHOTOS

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Mermaid Yoga. Folks, DO NOT try this at home. UNLESS you have a partner with an oxygen tank and a life preserver nearby.

Note: If you’d just like to see the pretty pictures cause you’re tired of words, simply scroll past our two cents of social commentary.

These eerily enchanting photos of underwater yoga come from yoga teacher, could-be commercial model and avid instagrammer Britta Trubrudge who lives in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. While we’re pretty sure she’s not a mermaid (we’re currently consulting with Ariel) she is certainly striking some yoga poses that, on their own, might not be viewed as so ethereal and beautiful by the instagramarazzi.

It’s one of those moments where we have to pause before quickly answering the is it art or spectacle? question. Can yoga be art? Can yoga selfies be art? Is it a yoga selfie if you don’t take the photo yourself? Does that matter?


Most of these photos were taken by a professional photographer. Just as we marvel at ancient art like in the Smithsonian exhibit, perhaps we can stretch our minds to accept these images as pieces of yoga art in modern times? After all, they didn’t have cameraphones back then, so they used paint or other materials instead. We know that cameras will never be able to capture the actual personal practice of yoga – oh, we know the difference between instagram and real life. But they can make it look pretty and dramatic. And artsy.

Then again, we kind of have to agree with this instagram commenter:

xxjpg_Uhh there’s like a mermaid in the backround about to eat her wtf is wrong with y’all

In any case, we’re not looking forward to this trend trickling down into backyard pool mermaid yoga-related accidents. Remember: DO NOT practice pranayama under water!








What do you think?

[Via Sketch42blog.com]



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  • This is amazing foto material.
    Also beautiful girl in beautiful zee.
    In holland we have not so clear water but nature brings lots of nice space to do foto work.
    This inspire me a lot to do more whit art and yoga.



  • Thanks for sharing this lovely post! Great pictures 🙂

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