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Casinos Are the New Yoga Studios

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Gambling and yoga, go together just like piña and colada, no? While a casino may be one of the last places you’d think to find the mind-body practice, it’s becoming more and more popular for these gambling meccas to offer yoga to their patrons and the public.

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, for example, announced they’re holding “Soul Shine” yoga classes every Thursday morning on their rooftop lawn all summer long. Tired and stressed from losing all your money? Relax with some stretching, breathing and meditation! Makes sense to us.

Class description: Join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class that will get the blood flowing and the mind focused so you can pull the slot machine levers and roll the dice with even more fervor. Special stretches will allow you to dig even deeper into your pockets and extend further into your bank accounts. Meditation exercises allow you to forget about all the money you frittered away in the heat of the moment because it’s so darn fun. And hey, it’s only money, and money buys material things, and what you really need to do is LET GO of your material things, right?

Kidding, of course! But we couldn’t help it. The (real) info on the yoga classes can be found here.

The hour-long Nugget session is free for hotel guests and open to the public for $15. Yoga, now a very interesting ‘wholesome’ attraction to draw in more customers to a casino. Hey, why not? The Mirage in Vegas does it and even has dolphins as a backdrop.

The Golden Nugget – Come for the yoga, stay for the keno!

We wonder if it might have the opposite effect, though. Instead of gambling and drinking everyone will be out by the pool practicing their best Full House-asana. Yogis would have the best poker face.

[via NJ.com]




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  • Vision_Quest2

    I’ve got three words for this: “Borgata’s Water Club”.

    Deconstruct and then discuss amongst yourselves …

    No amount of yoga is going to make the house not win … Just Say NO!

  • S.

    More like yoga studios are the new casinos…you really roll the dice of getting injured with so many inexperienced and aggressive teachers nowadays.

    • Vision_Quest2

      Yup! And they train themselves and their teachers to be one armed bandits, seeing every new student and every ongoing student who is not progressing (in asana only) as $$ walking in the door …

  • anna alison

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  • Jessica Frost

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