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A Tale of 11,000 Yogis Descending on Times Square – PHOTOS

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On Saturday, June 21, 11,000 yogis descended on New York City’s Times Square to salute the sun and sweat it out between the skyscrapers and ESPN Zone.

Times Square Yoga

It was a spectacle for the senses. They say participants came from far and wide and no one even cared about their neighbor’s stinky armpits.

Times Square Yoga

It was a very energetic, yet exhausting experience. And there were times when everyone just wanted to bury their faces and take a nap.


But it was no time to lay down…


The yogis soared and bowed…


And then sat some more during a between-class break and shout outs to Bent On Learning and Urban Zen. This was a heavily sponsored event, but organizers have a heart, too.


Surprise! A show while they’re waiting! Performers partner up to display acrobatic feats to popular music. They call it…Acro Yoga.




People say the “Crossroads of the World” is the hardest place to practice with all the distractions and utter chaos of Times Square. And, you know, we might agree. We would never ever want to try it on a regular day, though. Now that all the mats and stages have been cleared, some brave yogis ought to bring it to the usual characters, like the swaths of tourists and thousands of people who work in the area. Or, you know, the anti-semitic Elmo, the groping Mario, and the toddler-shoving Cookie Monster. On second thought, maybe don’t try that.

Did you attend? Wish you had?

images via Daily Mail; live feed screenshots




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  • Wow.. nice to see lots of people do yoga in the open.
    In Holland the weather is not always so good but we also have nice outdoor groups.
    Keep up the yoga spirit.


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