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Yoga On Instagram Vs Yoga In Real Life

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Because some things (all things?) in life are better on Instagram, areweright? Yoga, for example, it’s always more glamorous! And bare-skinned! And it’s number one on this Buzzfeed listicle of Your Life On Instagram Vs. Your Life In Reality we felt compelled to share in light of all the selfie discussion lately…and our silly sense of humor.

So, yoga on Instagram? Something a lot like this:


And of course, yoga in real life?


Yep! Pretty much.

Though we prefer this one:


You can view the rest of the list about clubbing, coffee and relationships here.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for the fun comparison, for without them, we would be lost never knowing 15 poop horror stories that will make us feel better about ourselves or how to feel old by reminding us we know what a VCR and cassette tape are.

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  • MichelleO

    I’m far from the skinny yoga model ‘ideal’, in age (late 40s), experience (still can’t do tree pose without holding my leg against my thigh) and bodyshape, but I heart yoga, instagram, selfies (the dafter the better – definitely not about perfection), laughing, buzzfeed and generally monkeying about IRL and online – and I love YOU, Yogadork – your postings brighten my day – thanks for this one – it strikes me as a bit sanctimonious how some folks can be so down on this social media trend – lighten up! (always reminds me of Tom Robbins that saying).

    Stay golden!

    Love, light and bananas,

    Meesh x

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